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Why I Hate the GOP

They tell us they're the pro-life party. They tell us they're the fiscal conservative party. But they're not. They're a political party whose aim is to fool enough of the voters to get elected. That's it. Check out Hot Air for the story:

The NY-23 special election has been off our radar screen but the boss is blogging up a storm about it, seeing it — as, increasingly, many prominent conservatives do — as a bellwether for the party’s approach to the midterms. The RNC, NRCC, and even Gingrich are all in for liberal Republican Scozzafava; Michelle, Fred Thompson, and the Club for Growth support the upstart fiscal conservative Doug Hoffman. The question: How big should the big tent be? Evidently, per the party leadership, pretty darned big:
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Craig said...

A district that has never elected a dem in its history is about to do just that thanks to the battle between Hoffman and Scozzafava.

Go team, go!

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