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USCCB vs. Limbaugh

Oh no. The bishops have signed onto a petition to attempt to silence Rush Limbaugh. Diogenes has the story:

Liberal activists in the US loathe conservative talk-radio shows. OK, you already knew that.

Liberals would like to use the power of the Federal Communications Commission to tighten down the lid on conservative talk-show hosts. OK, you already knew that.

Liberal religious groups have asked the FCC to investigate "hate speech" on the radio waves. Maybe you didn't know that, but I bet you aren't surprised.
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LarryD said...

I read the American Spectator article referenced by Diogenes. Potentially scary stuff.

I also went to the USCCB website to see if there was anything there on their site regarding this petition. I found nothing.

So...either (a) the USCCB hasn't updated their site to include this;
(b) the petition is just claiming that the USCCB has signed on; or (c) I just haven't looked hard enough.

In any case, further investigation has to be done before there is any definitive proof that the USCCB is included. Wouldn't surprise me if it were true, but we better sheathe our swords and un-nock our arrows until it's known for sure. One reason why I'm suspicious is that if Obama goes for talk radio today and wins, it'll be Catholic radio tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Just as Abraham Lincoln already knew: When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read, "All men are created equal except Negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics." When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some other country where they make no pretense of loving liberty - to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, without the base alloy of hypocrisy." Abraham Lincoln

They keep offering the little finger, a little concession here and there, and before you know it the give the whole hand. It seems our shepherds just don't learn!!! Drives me absolutely bonkers!!!

How on God's good earth can an administration who is so obviously anti-life be honestly pro-life where immigration is concerned.

There is something else in play. St. Paul calls it the war against the principalities of darkness.


Rick said...

If this is true, then it confirms that the USCCB has been hijacked by pinko commie liberals and need to be disbanded ASAP.

Remember the scandal that exposed their funding of pro-abort groups recently? Check out http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2009/10/blog-post.html

emma said...

If the USCCB signs on to this I hope every faithful Catholic American will join me in sending all church donations directly to Peter's Pence for this is what I intend and what I will promote if they sign onto this.

Anonymous said...

I called USCCB and was directed to send an email. Will post if I hear back

Evangelical Cathoic Mom said...

I am very grieved by this. Along with the CCHD (funding prop 8, planned parenthood, and perviously Acorn), It is why my husband and I have pulled all of our tithes from the Catholic Church - at the expense of our children's Catholic Education. I'll home school with Seton or send them to a conservative Christian school.

However, my husband is a Rush subscriber - and Rush is often misquoted. I cannot verify this story anywhere - and I believe that the Bishops may have misquoted him. As discovered with Sanchez, who reported all of Rush's racist quotes, 3 days later he apologized on CNN, because they were all unverifiable ie., made up. He didn't lose his job, and the rumors and the damage stuck. They smear Rush so people won't hear him. Many, like me, take a 30 day dare to hear him and all of a sudden you realize how much we need government out of our lives....

The Catholic Church takes a stand socialism is evil because it says you need government instead of God.

My son's godfather is the son of a mexican immigrant. He and his wife have 4 beautiful girls. We are godparents to 2. The hispanic community has been targeted by the left to believe Rush is against them. Many times the things the left says (including an actual Obama commercial during the election) are found to be completely false.... but again the damage is already done. They do not want them hearing a conservative view. This is McCarthyism against conservativism.

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