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Trailer Review "Oh My God"

I hadn't heard about this movie and after seeing the trailer I don't have high hopes for it. B-Movie Catechism has the trailer and some comments:

I had started out calling my feature on trailers for upcoming movies “TRAILER TRASH” because… well, it’s the most obvious name there is, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s so stinking obvious that a few other blogs are already using it. So we’re switching to “THINGS TO COME” instead, which has a much more cozy eschatological feel better suited to this blog anyway. And since the title has a nice, new churchy ring to it, the first trailer should as well. Here’s the trailer for the upcoming documentary from newbie director Peter Rodger, Oh My God, which seems to be getting one of those “end-of-the-year limited release just in time for awards consideration” type of things.
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Rick said...

I would knock it as of yet because at the very least it affirms that we are wired for God or as St. Augustine puts it, "Our hearts are restless until they rest on Thee my Lord." Apparently, this movie articulates this internal compass in all human persons. The possibility of it turning around to hold that man conceived God may be self contradictory given the universality of the experience. Someone may conceive the superiority of the Arian race but that clearly is not universally expressed and hence not an internal sensation of truth.

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