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Texas Bishops on Obamacare

Silly bishops! Didn't they hear that Obama promised that his healthcare plan wouldn't cover abortion. But they still think it will because it's actually in the bill. Just wait until Patrick Kennedy hears about this. He'll set 'em straight. Mary's Aggies has the statement from the bishop:

In 2005, the Texas Catholic Conference issued a pastoral statement on the urgent need for health care reform. Today, as the health care debate unfolds in our nation’s capitol, the Bishops of Texas feel it is once again appropriate to express hope that our national leaders will work together to bring about genuine life-affirming reform to our nation’s health care system.

Improving our nation’s health care system is the responsibility of all. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, addressing the Pontifical Council for Health Care, reiterated this responsibility, stating that “going to the aid of the human being is a duty: both in response to a fundamental right of the person and because the care of individuals redounds to the benefit of the group.”

Our Catholic moral tradition teaches that every human being, from the moment of conception to natural death, has an innate dignity that entitles him or her to certain rights and protections, including the fundamental right to life and the right to affordable healthcare, which flows from the right to life.
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