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The Pelosi Problem

James Todd of Pewsitter believes that the Nancy Pelosi problem is bigger than you might think:

Late last year Speaker Pelosi made a couple of rather outrageous statements about the teachings of the Church with regard to abortion and when life begins. Several bishops responded to correct Pelosi’s false statements. There was sufficient outrage among faithful Catholics to prompt Pelosi’s bishop, Archbishop Niederauer of San Francisco, to meet with her in February of this year. The result of that meeting? Pelosi’s spokesman confirmed that a meeting had taken place and that Pelosi was not about to change her position on abortion.

Since that February meeting Pelosi continues to dissent from Church teaching as evidenced by both her public statements and actions. Here is a small sampling of activities by Pelosi since she met with Archbishop Niederauer in February...
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Anonymous said...

While formal excommunication is done by a bishop, perhaps the body of Christ can do an informal excommunication - a sort of sensus fidei. The sense of the faithful is also authoritative but it has not been applied in a pastoral situation before. But what if individual Christians would write Nancy an email or letter telling her that they sense that she has cut herself off from the people of God and should not join their services until she has repented and being forgiven. Canon law is very clear about excommunicating those who are involved in abortion.
Just a thought in case the bishops involved belong to the Apostolic Order of Judas Iscariot. The Pope has encouraged lay action in evangelization - a task that belonged to missionaries in the past. Why not push the envelope further and as a member of the people of God excommunicate Nancy Peloci directly. After receiving a few thousands of these, then she might reconsider mocking the Church further or causing more confusion and scandal.

(I'll go anon this time. In case someone has a mean bone in her body and would hurt my children as a repprisal. - Dr. C. H. )

tuleesh said...

Are you sure your talkin' 'bout the same Nana Nancy who described herself as "an ardent, practising, Catholic"?...Mmmm-ka-ay.

I wonder when was the last time this despicable woman last opened her Bible? Much less a copy of The Catechism of the Catholic Church? Maybe she's like those Catholics: The only time they get close to Holy Scripture is the readings at Mass. And that's if they go to Mass at all!

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