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It happens at work all the time. People use high-falutin language to obfuscate their intentions. I always just say, "Speak to me like I'm four." It forces the people to actually make their point in plain English. They typically don't like to do that for some reason. So now you know why this story tickled me:

Reading the Wall Street Journal the other day, this item caught my eye on the front page, bottom. It’s the most wonderfully sensible story I’ve heard lately.

“A few months ago, 71-year-old Chrissie Maher got a mailing from her bank titled “Personal and Private Banking — Keeping You Informed.” Baffled by its blizzard of terms such as “account facility limit,” Ms. Maher replied in simpler language.

“The leaflet needs much more thought if it is to be understood by your customers,” she said in a letter to Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC. “As it stands, it should be renamed ‘Keeping You Confused.’ “

At this point, I’m hooked. This lady’s speaking my language.
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