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ND Pays Students to March for Gay Rights?

Distressing. What could Notre Dame possibly have been thinking. I find myself hoping there's some explanation. The Cardinal Newman Society has the story:

The University of Notre Dame gave financial assistance to five students to participate in Sunday’s national gay rights demonstration, which was organized in part to advocate homosexual “marriage,” a campus newspaper has reported.

The “National Equality March” on Sunday, October 11, in Washington, D.C., was sponsored by Equality Across America, which aims to build a national grassroots network asserting homosexual couples’ “right to marry” as well as other demands. The Catholic Church believes that marriage is possible only between a man and a woman.

“Faithful Catholics will ask whether Notre Dame has learned its lesson from the scandalous commencement ceremony last spring,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. “What university seeking to reassure families of its Catholic identity would pay for students to attack the family and oppose Catholic teachings on marriage?”
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Rick said...

Some liberal (cleric/lay) has infiltrated ND just as liberal bishops the USCCB.

What can we do other than stop supporting ND. I know I won't send my children there later.

William said...

They don't want to judge, money flows like wine, etc.

Face it: disgraceful as it is, Notre Dame is currently a secular college.

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