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My Halloween Hell

The always great Kathryn Lopez is disgusted with Halloween. I can't blame her after reading this:

These are some of the costume suggestions Planned Parenthood of New York City has to offer:
Dress normally. Since STDs often can’t be distinguished with the naked eye, it’ll be up to you to tell people what you are. . . .

Dress all in copper and put copper pipe cleaners on your head: you’re an IUD! . . .

Draw a calendar on your shirt and carry a bongo drum: You’re the Rhythm Method! . . .

Walk around with a bunch of babies: You’re “abstinence only” sex education
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Larry Denninger said...

Hey, here's an idea! Put on nurse's scrubs, write "Don't worry - your Mom and Dad will never know!" on the front, and carry a vacuum hose with doll parts sticking out of one end, and voila! You're a Planned Parenthood employee! /sarc off


Paul H said...

I know what a dental dam is (my wife is a dental hygienist), but I have no idea what it has to do with Planned Parenthood or being pro-choice. Perhaps I don't want to know?

As for the others, they're disgusting, and not even particularly clever.

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