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Mark Shea on Scooby Doo Darwinism

Hey, Mark Shea worked Scooby Doo and Angelina Jolie into the same metaphor. That's at least worth a link. Good piece on what passes for rationalism nowadays:

Years ago, I heard a Black Pentecostal pastorin Spokane talking about a time he and some other local non-denominational pastors had been asked by a family they knew to come and pray for their granny who, her family said, "had an evil spirit." One of the pastors was of a more modern frame of mind, which fancies itself "open-minded" by closing itself off to the very possibility of the supernatural ever actually occurring. He somehow found himself invited to this meeting of pastors who were going to the house of this family to pray for granny. The liberal pastor reluctantly agreed and joined the circle as they gathered round granny and began to ask God to intervene on her behalf.
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Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...


Anonymous said...

An excellent essay.

Sarah said...

Beautifully written! Great way to explain the blindness and snobbery that lies behind materialism and relativism (that thought that nothing is truly evil and nothing is fully good).

Thanks for posting it!

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