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Mao and Mother Teresa

Uh-oh. Someone in the White House is off their meds. The White House should check into Anita Dunn's obvious schizophrenia. Because there's got to be two people living in her cerebellum to say her two favorite philosophers are a mass murderer and Mother Teresa. Ace has the flaming skull up on this one:

White House Fox-Hating Flack Anita Dunn Discovered Telling HS Audience Her Favorite Philosophers are Mother Theresa... and Chairman Mao. A Maoist, now. How wonderful.
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The Watcher said...

Doesn't strike me as being 'off meds'. Actually sounds pretty normal for the folks in DC.

John Hetman said...

Gosh...both of them, Mao AND Mother Teresa. That's like serving your guests Draino mixed with a fine rare Albanian wine. Not just rampant madness is on the loose with this Administration but a ever growing white collar Thugocracy.

Of oourse, it's all cow dung from Ms. Dunn about Mother Teresa--that's a good ploy, but a pretty transparent pice of chicanery.

Mack said...

"Draino mixed with a fine rare Albanian wine" -- a fresh metaphor, and a delightful one! Thanks, John!

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