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How Did I Miss This One?

I've been keeping decent track of the ridiculous and absurd things written about Pope Benedict recently. But this one from David Gibson of the WaPo says that the Pope's recent move concerning Anglicans proves that the Pope is more serious about Catholics being anti-gay than believing in the Real Presence. Thanks to Carl Olson for finding this one. Take a look if you're in a head-spinning mood:

David Gibson's head appears to be spinning over at The Washington Post:

When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope in April 2005, all the world rejoiced -- or recoiled -- with the certain knowledge that the cardinals had settled on the one man who would be more conservative than John Paul II.

Thus far, Benedict's papacy has been one of constant movement and change, the sort of dynamic that liberal Catholics -- or Protestants -- are usually criticized for pursuing. In Benedict's case, this liberalism serves a conservative agenda. But his activism should not be surprising: As a sharp critic of the reforms of Vatican II, Ratzinger has long pushed for what he calls a "reform of the reform" to correct what he considers the excesses or abuses of the time.
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