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Hollywood's Normalization of Child Sex

Well documented case from John Nolte at Big Hollywood that Hollywood for some strange reason seems to be advocating the sexualization of children:

The vocal, sanctimonious Free-Polanski uproar is merely a symptom of an entertainment culture infected with a moral cancer – a culture that regularly practices up on the screen what we’ve heard them preach this last week on behalf of a confessed child rapist.

Last year Miramax released “Doubt,” a high-profile piece of Oscar-bait starring Academy Award winners’ Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Streep plays a puritanical nun on a moral crusade to expose a Priest (Hoffman) who she believes is sexually abusing a 12 year-old boy. Both characters are portrayed as unsympathetic (especially Streep’s) but in just a couple scenes the boy’s working-class mother (Mrs. Miller, played by Viola Davis) is established as the moral center of the film – the only one truly interested in the welfare of her child. When Mrs. Miller’s informed that her son’s being molested, the Moral Center Of The Film responds that her 12 year-old boy is gay, a social outcast, and beaten regularly by his homophobic father … so maybe the best option for him is a sexual relationship with a forty-something child predator.
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maureen said...

This is such a problem, and if people would stop paying good money to see this porn, it would have to stop. For God's sakes, how can we allow groups like NAMBLA to exist when their sole purpose is to sexually molest children. They claim it's ok to perform oral sex on an 18-month old boy because little boys play with themselves all the time and they are helping them gratify themselves. This type of thinking is just absolutely wrong.

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