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H1N1 Up Close and Personal

Cindy from Verum Serum is here to tell us what it's like for the whole family to have H1N1. Uhm. It sounds pretty much as bad as you thought. But Cindy's been through it and she's got some tips:

Last week our entire family got sick, really sick. Our youngest who is 10 ended up in the local Newport Beach hospital with a fever of 104.6 which wasn’t responding to any medications for 24 hours. After approximately five hours of being hooked up to an IV for hydration, administration of pain and anti-nausea medication, his temperature lowered to 102 degrees for the first time in days. He under went a battery of tests for strep, mono, meningitis, and H1N1. Toward midnight we were told he had tested positive for H1N1.
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