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"Go Back to the Porch"

Wow. I don't watch Bill O'Reilly regularly but last night I tuned in and heard this exchange. I honestly questioned whether I heard it correctly because it was so openly racist and so out of bounds I was shocked by it. The 11 p.m. version of O'Reilly edited out the exchange. Newsbusters has the vid.

Te debate over Rush Limbaugh's NFL bid is roiling the racial landscape. This evening, after Juan Williams explained that Rush's "Barack the Magic Negro" parody was based on a column by an African-American author, a black radio talk show host told Williams to "go back to the porch."
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maureen said...

I watched this last night. Juan is usually pretty sensitive to the race issue so when he was defending Rush, I was a bit surprised. But he was spot on in the discussion. I was appalled by the comment that was slung at him. He did not deserve that!

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