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Catholics and Ghosts

The closest thing to a Halloween-y post I could find. Interesting points by Mark Shea about a "professional" ghost hunter:

Various questions arise in my mind. For instance, why is an article on ghosts in the "Love and Family" section of Beliefnet?

Second, when somebody tells me they are a "real-life paranormal investigator" what does that mean and why should I take it seriously? Am I a "real life paranormal investigator" due to the fact that I try to discern the will of God in my life along with millions of other people? Is "real life paranormal investigator" something you study for somewhere or is it just some phony label you slap on in order to sound official (like my favorite marketing ploy: "professional tanning lotion", as distinct from, you know, amateur tanning lotion). I rather suspect it is. And I rather suspect that an "ordained Interfaith minister and spiritual counselor" is likewise not especially likely to be terribly rigorous in the old critical thinking department with credentials as wooly as all that.
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