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Bribing Senators to Pass Obamacare?

Hugh Hewitt points out that legislators who play hard to get on Obamcare are being made offers by Harry Reid to buy their vote:

Democratic efforts to assemble the necessary 60 votes to open the process of killing American medicine hit some big bumps yesterday, but the payoff for the big government left are so huge that Harry Reid isn't about to call off his search for the right bribe for senators like Arkansas' Blanche Lincoln and Indiana's Evan Bayh.

Politico reports that it took Reid next to nothing to gain Bayh's absolutely necessary vote to proceed to the next phase of passing Obamacare. Bayh could have had anything he wanted, including the end of the public option, but he sold his blocking vote for next to nothing:

Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) didn’t like the tax on device manufacturers, who employ 20,000 people in his state. Reid has promised to change the tax — and now, Bayh has said he would keep an open mind on the opt-out, in part because his objections to the tax were addressed.
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