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Bishop: Kennedy Should Apologize

Happy to see Bishop Tobin taking on Kennedy's outrageous remarks. I hope more is to follow:

U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy was blasted yesterday by a Rhode Island bishop for an “ignorant” slap at the Catholic Church over abortions paid for under health-care reform.

Kennedy, who did not return calls to the Herald, labeled Catholic opposition to abortion funding a “red herring.”

Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin shot back, saying the Democrat continues to be a “disappointment” to Catholics and is “ignorant of the facts.”
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RMT said...

That is the best thing he could have done, in my opinion. If the good bishop had tried to correct Kennedy, the response would have been business as usual. Kennedy could have ignored him.

Demanding an apology in front of the press puts this at an emotional level--where all the liberal policies begin. Kennedy must respond to this or lose face.

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