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Bishop: Exorcise "Spirit of Vatican II"

Wow. Tell us what you really think. I'm sending out some mad props to Bishop Nickless. The National Catholic Register has the story:

I first met Sioux City, Iowa Bishop Walker Nickless a month ago at the Serra International gathering in Omaha, Neb. Little did I know then that he was working on his bold first pastoral letter since his installation as bishop four years ago.

Ecclesia Semper Reformanda (The Church is Always in Need of Renewal), released yesterday, takes a look at the impact of the Second Vatican Council and sets forth a plan for the people of Sioux City and beyond. In many ways, it’s a pastoral letter unlike one we’ve yet seen.
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WingletDriver said...

That was so much more refreshing than the pap we listen to in Washington, DC.

John Hetman said...

Gosh, if we do that, what will happen to all those liturgical dancers and those jazz bands and chanteuses (I mean female cantors) up near the altar at Sunday masses. That means no more finger poppin' "hymns" at mass?

Does that mean also the end of "Gather Us In" and "Sing A New Church"? No more "On Turkeys' Wings"?

Will liberal nuns really dress like nuns and not like Sadie the retro beautician? And progressive pastors not wear their "Che" or "Obama" tee shirts, but put on their Roman collars again?

Will children in Catholic schools actually learn the catechism and Christian faith and morals based on 5,000 years of Judeo-Christian tradition and teaching, and not a half century of the politically correct gibberish and moral relativity of all is okay with me.

Will Cathlolic universities stop offering Gay (sic) Studies as a major or minor and celebrate pride in their faith and not in their screwed-up hormones?

Will the National Catholic Reporter finally admit that it is a front for liberal Episcopalians, and renegade Jesuits decide to be honest and swim the Thames? Will His Excellency, retired Bishop Gumbleton really retire to a Trappist monastery and never be heard from again? Along with Frs. McBrien, Greely, Reese and Jenkins?

Let's get moving!!

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