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Pray For The Souls of Priests

A worthy cause. Check out Fr. Z:

First, remember that you can gain indulgences on All Souls and the days following.

Second, 5 November is a first Thursday. You can gain a plenary indulgence during this year for Priests.

Third, would it not be a good idea in this Year for Priests, during the week after All Souls, for this 1st Thursday, to pray in a special way for the souls of deceased priests?

May I recommend that you bring this up with your parish priests, who might make pulpit announcements this Sunday?
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Catholics and Ghosts

The closest thing to a Halloween-y post I could find. Interesting points by Mark Shea about a "professional" ghost hunter:

Various questions arise in my mind. For instance, why is an article on ghosts in the "Love and Family" section of Beliefnet?

Second, when somebody tells me they are a "real-life paranormal investigator" what does that mean and why should I take it seriously? Am I a "real life paranormal investigator" due to the fact that I try to discern the will of God in my life along with millions of other people? Is "real life paranormal investigator" something you study for somewhere or is it just some phony label you slap on in order to sound official (like my favorite marketing ploy: "professional tanning lotion", as distinct from, you know, amateur tanning lotion). I rather suspect it is. And I rather suspect that an "ordained Interfaith minister and spiritual counselor" is likewise not especially likely to be terribly rigorous in the old critical thinking department with credentials as wooly as all that.
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Scientific Impossibility of Darwinism?

Some scientists questioning Darwinism?! Why, it's heresy! Amy Proctor has the story:

Pope Pius X University in Rome will mark the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” on 9 November with a conference to debate the theory of evolution. Scholars and scientists will show, in their words, the “scientific impossibility of evolution” .

Peter Wilders and H. M. Owen, organizers of the event, told ZENIT, “Darwinian evolution has become the accepted paradigm of the scientific community. New research data that challenges that paradigm is automatically rejected for philosophical rather than scientific reasons.
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My Halloween Hell

The always great Kathryn Lopez is disgusted with Halloween. I can't blame her after reading this:

These are some of the costume suggestions Planned Parenthood of New York City has to offer:
Dress normally. Since STDs often can’t be distinguished with the naked eye, it’ll be up to you to tell people what you are. . . .

Dress all in copper and put copper pipe cleaners on your head: you’re an IUD! . . .

Draw a calendar on your shirt and carry a bongo drum: You’re the Rhythm Method! . . .

Walk around with a bunch of babies: You’re “abstinence only” sex education
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Gay Marriage Not In Best Interest of Kids

What's best for children doesn't enter into any of the state's decision simply because children can't vote. Children don't have lobbyists so they're offered no protections. The Lobster Pot has more:

As mental health professionals, it’s our ethical and moral obligation to support policies that are in the best interest of those we serve, particularly those who are most vulnerable—namely, children. Same-sex marriage may be in the best interest of adult homosexuals who yearn for social and legal recognition of their unions, but it’s not in the best interest of children.

Proponents of same-sex marriage believe love is all children really need. Based on that supposition, they conclude it’s just as good for children to be raised by loving parents of the same sex, as by loving parents of the opposite sex. But that basic assumption—and all that flows from it—is naively simplistic and denies the complex nature and core needs of human beings.
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Abp. Dolan on NYT's Anti-Catholicism

Interesting article from Abp. Dolan at Father Z's place about the New York Times anti-Catholicism. I had to laugh out loud when Father Z called the New York Times "Hell's Bible."

October is the month we relish the highpoint of our national pastime, especially when one of our own New York teams is in the World Series! [GO PHILLIES!]

Sadly, America has another national pastime, this one not pleasant at all: anti-catholicism.

It is not hyperbole to call prejudice against the Catholic Church a national pastime. Scholars such as Arthur Schlesinger Sr. referred to it as “the deepest bias in the history of the American people,” while John Higham described it as “the most luxuriant, tenacious tradition of paranoiac agitation in American history.” [Excellent.] “The anti-semitism of the left,” is how Paul Viereck reads it, and Professor Philip Jenkins sub-titles his book on the topic “the last acceptable prejudice.”
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That Darn Celibacy!

National Catholic Register reports:

The delay in publishing the apostolic constitution, which will allow large numbers of Anglicans to be received into the Catholic Church, is due not so much to translation problems as the more weighty issue of priestly celibacy.

According to two reliably informed Italian newspapers, Il Giornale and Il Foglio, canon lawyers are continuing to define what has been a particularly unclear aspect of the new provision: whether married Anglicans could train as seminarians.
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The Future St. Narcissus?

The former Saint Narcissus and the future St. Narcissus at Bad Habit. Read the whole thing to get the joke:

I’ll have to admit, I’m a bad Catholic. I never heard of Saint Narcissus and I couldn’t help but add a little something to the end of this post. I hope he has a sense of humor, that big stick he’s carrying looks like it could do some serious damage.
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Moral Insanity from Jesuit University?

I've heard of Catholic universities honoring people despite their acceptance of gay marriage but is the University of San Francisco honoring them because of it. Fr. John Malloy has more:

On November 13 the Jesuit University of San Francisco’s School of Law will hold it’s Sixth Annual Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) Gala. This year’s honoree will be California Supreme Court Associate Justice Carlos Moreno. Justice Moreno’s major claim to fame, and the reason USF is honoring him, is that he was the sole California justice who voted to overturn the will of the people in the Proposition 8 case.
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Bribing Senators to Pass Obamacare?

Hugh Hewitt points out that legislators who play hard to get on Obamcare are being made offers by Harry Reid to buy their vote:

Democratic efforts to assemble the necessary 60 votes to open the process of killing American medicine hit some big bumps yesterday, but the payoff for the big government left are so huge that Harry Reid isn't about to call off his search for the right bribe for senators like Arkansas' Blanche Lincoln and Indiana's Evan Bayh.

Politico reports that it took Reid next to nothing to gain Bayh's absolutely necessary vote to proceed to the next phase of passing Obamacare. Bayh could have had anything he wanted, including the end of the public option, but he sold his blocking vote for next to nothing:

Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) didn’t like the tax on device manufacturers, who employ 20,000 people in his state. Reid has promised to change the tax — and now, Bayh has said he would keep an open mind on the opt-out, in part because his objections to the tax were addressed.
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Hans Kung Ain't Happy

Hans Kung isn't happy with Pope Benedict. Patrick Madrid has the tale of woe:

Who even knew Hans Kung was still around? Like a rickety old submarine that must surface now and then to vent the noxious fumes that have built up inside, this disgruntled Vatican II peritus pops his head up every so often, usually with a querulous screech about how the pope (JPII & BXVI) hasn't been driving the big ol' Churchbus in the leftward direction he so badly wants it to go.

Oops, he's done it again, taking another potshot at his former colleague, Pope Benedict XVI.
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EU: Criticism of Muslims and Gays is Illegal

Jihad Watch has the story about the European Union making it illegal to criticize Muslims and homosexuals. One commenter over there ingeniously asked about what would happen if a Muslim criticized a homosexual.:

European Union set to outlaw objections to Islamic practices
This would, of course, render us mute and hence defenseless in the face of the advancing jihad -- and that is just what it is designed to do. Free Speech Death Watch Alert: "Objections to Muslim and Homosexual Practices to be Unlawful in Europe - Media MIA," by Paul Belien for Hudson NY, October 26 (thanks to Magnus):

If all goes as planned, the 27 member states of the European Union will soon have a common hate crime legislation, which will turn disapproval for Islamic practices or homosexual lifestyles into crimes. Europe's Christian churches are trying to stop the plan of the European political establishment, but it is not clear if they will be successful.
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Weigel on Jeanne Jugan

Beautiful story from George Weigel. HT to New Advent.

During the brutally hot summer of 2003, thousands of French vacationers remained on holiday rather than returning home to bury their recently deceased parents, who had died from the extraordinary heat and were being stashed in air-conditioned storage lockers. Those acts of filial impiety cast into sharp relief the October canonization of Jeanne Jugan, foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Born during the virulently anti-Catholic French Revolution, Jeanne Jugan learned early in her life that fidelity to Christ and his Church could be costly. A history of the period of her childhood sums things up neatly: “In spite of the persecution, the people of Cancale kept the faith. During dark nights, in an attic or a barn, or even in the middle of the countryside, the faithful gathered together, and there in the silence of the night, the priest would offer the Eucharist and baptize the children. But this happiness was rare. There were so many dangers.”
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Skin Cream from Aborted Fetal Tissue

Well, this is about the worst thing I've ever read:

How sick. This is just gruesome. A skincare company has started using aborted fetal tissue in its anti-aging skincare cream.

Christian News Wire reported:

Children of God for Life announced today that Neocutis, a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on dermatology and skin care is using aborted fetal cell lines to produce several of their anti-aging skin creams.
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Comedian Urinates on Jesus Painting

What a jerk.

What a brave Hollywood leftist!

Comedian Larry David is under attack from critics who say he pushed the mocking of religion and Christian belief in miracles over the edge in the latest episode of his HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

On the show’s most recent installment, which aired Sunday, David urinates on a painting of Jesus Christ, causing a woman to believe the painting depicts Jesus crying.
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Couric: Palin a Sideshow

Katie Couric is advising Republicans to ditch Sarah Palin because she's a "sideshow." Well Couric's own show has plummeted so badly in the ratings that she likely understands what a sideshow is. Newsbusters has the story:

If her Evening News gig doesn't work out, maybe Katie Couric will seek work as a Republican strategerist . . .

Couric dabbled in her possible new profession in her Notebook segment yesterday, offering some carefully considered advice to the GOP. According to Katie, Republicans should get the focus off Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. They're nothing but "fringe" elements, "sideshows" that drive people out of the Republican Big Tent.
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I did not think it was possible for me to hold Arnold Schwarzenegger in lower esteem. I was wrong. See how the Governator responded to a State Rep. who heckled him.

Five Myths about Anglican Ordinariates

Great piece by Taylor Marshall at Catholic.org:

As a former Anglican priest myself, I am profoundly grateful for our Holy Father’s generous proposal toward Anglicans, 'that they all might be one' (Jn 17:21).

On October 20, 2009, the Holy See made an unexpected announcement: the Holy Father will be issuing an Apostolic Constitution (the highest form of papal document) through which he will erect personal ordinariates for Anglican clergy and laity wishing to enter the Catholic Church. While rumors about this have been stirring since 2007, the recent decision came as a surprise to most Catholics and Anglicans...
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That RINO Label

Cranky Con is uncomfortable with the RINO label but he feels like its a pretty apt description of the pro-tax and pro-choice Republican running in NY-23. Methinks this race is shaping up as a referendum on the future of the GOP. Hmmm...side with Newt or Sarah? Pro-choice or pro-life?

The NY-23 race continues to heat up, and some polls suggest that Doug Hoffman is in the lead (though this particular poll might be taken with a grain of salt). Nevertheless, Newt Gingrich is sticking to his guns, blasting what he calls the “purge” mentality and also criticizing outsiders for sticking their nose in a local New York election. Yes, Newt Gingrich, born and raised in Pennsylvania, who later became a Congressman from Georgia, is deriding outsiders for getting involved in an upstate New York election. Wrap your head around that one.
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Mark Shea on Scooby Doo Darwinism

Hey, Mark Shea worked Scooby Doo and Angelina Jolie into the same metaphor. That's at least worth a link. Good piece on what passes for rationalism nowadays:

Years ago, I heard a Black Pentecostal pastorin Spokane talking about a time he and some other local non-denominational pastors had been asked by a family they knew to come and pray for their granny who, her family said, "had an evil spirit." One of the pastors was of a more modern frame of mind, which fancies itself "open-minded" by closing itself off to the very possibility of the supernatural ever actually occurring. He somehow found himself invited to this meeting of pastors who were going to the house of this family to pray for granny. The liberal pastor reluctantly agreed and joined the circle as they gathered round granny and began to ask God to intervene on her behalf.
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Texas Bishops on Obamacare

Silly bishops! Didn't they hear that Obama promised that his healthcare plan wouldn't cover abortion. But they still think it will because it's actually in the bill. Just wait until Patrick Kennedy hears about this. He'll set 'em straight. Mary's Aggies has the statement from the bishop:

In 2005, the Texas Catholic Conference issued a pastoral statement on the urgent need for health care reform. Today, as the health care debate unfolds in our nation’s capitol, the Bishops of Texas feel it is once again appropriate to express hope that our national leaders will work together to bring about genuine life-affirming reform to our nation’s health care system.

Improving our nation’s health care system is the responsibility of all. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, addressing the Pontifical Council for Health Care, reiterated this responsibility, stating that “going to the aid of the human being is a duty: both in response to a fundamental right of the person and because the care of individuals redounds to the benefit of the group.”

Our Catholic moral tradition teaches that every human being, from the moment of conception to natural death, has an innate dignity that entitles him or her to certain rights and protections, including the fundamental right to life and the right to affordable healthcare, which flows from the right to life.
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How Did I Miss This One?

I've been keeping decent track of the ridiculous and absurd things written about Pope Benedict recently. But this one from David Gibson of the WaPo says that the Pope's recent move concerning Anglicans proves that the Pope is more serious about Catholics being anti-gay than believing in the Real Presence. Thanks to Carl Olson for finding this one. Take a look if you're in a head-spinning mood:

David Gibson's head appears to be spinning over at The Washington Post:

When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope in April 2005, all the world rejoiced -- or recoiled -- with the certain knowledge that the cardinals had settled on the one man who would be more conservative than John Paul II.

Thus far, Benedict's papacy has been one of constant movement and change, the sort of dynamic that liberal Catholics -- or Protestants -- are usually criticized for pursuing. In Benedict's case, this liberalism serves a conservative agenda. But his activism should not be surprising: As a sharp critic of the reforms of Vatican II, Ratzinger has long pushed for what he calls a "reform of the reform" to correct what he considers the excesses or abuses of the time.
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Tinker Bell as UN Ambassador. Seriously.

Hey at least while the UN was making Tinker Bell an honorary ambassador they didn't have enough time to pass another resolution condemning Israel. Michelle Malkin has this unbelievable story:

Soon to be the new mascot of the Democrats’ cap-and-tax push, Disney’s Tinker Bell was tapped by the United Nations this week to serve as an “Honorary Ambassador of Green.”

This is not an Onion parody:

The United Nations Monday named Disney character Tinker Bell an “Honorary Ambassador of Green” to help raise children’s environmental awareness.
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Dumb Luck or Design?

Great piece from Monsignor Charles Pope:

I just read in the news an interesting story. It seems that a tornado recently went through junk yard. As you can imagine there was a horrible amount of junk whirling around in the air. But here’s where the story really gets interesting. It seems that the tornado swirled that junk together just right because as the wind died down all those banana peals, cans, broken pieces of pottery, stuffing from old mattresses springs, car parts etc all swirled together into a fully functioning 747 jumbo jet airliner with a filled fuel tank and fully equipped cockpit. There was even a logo emblazoned on the tail fin: “Tall Tales Airlines.”

“Ah,” you say, ” The story’s touching but it sounds like a lie!” And sure enough it is a tall tale. But how different is it really from what some atheists, and also certain evolutionists want us to believe about creation?
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Vatican/SSPX Statement

The National Catholic Register has the statement from the Vatican about its talks with the SSPX:

The Vatican has now released a statement concerning the meeting this morning between Church officials and the SSPX. It reads:
“On Monday, Oct. 26, 2009, in the Palazzo del Sant’Uffizio, headquarters of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and of the Pontifical Commission ‘Ecclesia Dei,’ the study commission made up of experts from ‘Ecclesia Dei’ and from the Society of St. Pius X held its first meeting, with the aim of examining the doctrinal differences still outstanding between the society and the Apostolic See...
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The British Inquisition?

When the government of your country comes knocking on your door to discuss your "intentions of hate" it's either time to find a new government or a new country. Mark Steyn has this disturbing story which illustrates the rapid slide towards the illegalization of Christianity:

In crime-ridden England, Her Majesty's Constabulary nevertheless have time to send two coppers round to the home of a 67-year old wife of a Baptist minister who made the mistake of complaining about the Gay Pride parade:
'I've never been in any kind of trouble before so I was stunned to have two police officers knocking at my door,' she said.

'Their presence in my home made me feel threatened. It was a very unpleasant experience.

'The officers told me that my letter was thought to be an intention of hate but I was expressing views as a Christian...'
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Transgender Homecoming Queen

Karen Hall is wondering what happened to her alma mater:

My glorious alma mater, the oldest college in the country (despite what you might here from Harvard grads in denial), has added another accolade to its long list.
History was made without fanfare on Saturday.

Jessee Vasold, William and Mary's first transgender homecoming queen, took the field at halftime of the Tribe's game against James Madison wearing a red shirt, black pants and a small silver lip ring to applause and not much other notice.
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Condoms are Greenest Technology Ever

This British columnist obviously hates children so he wants the government to offer free trips to Disney to people who don't have children. Man, just think how those kids you didn't have would've loved going to Disney! Pundette has the story:

Something wicked this way comes. This time the oracle is Alex Renton of the Guardian:
The worst thing that you or I can do for the planet is to have children. If they behave as the average person in the rich world does now, they will emit some 11 tonnes of CO² every year of their lives. In their turn, they are likely to have more carbon-emitting children who will make an even bigger mess. If Britain is to meet the government's target of an 80% reduction in our emissions by 2050, we need to start reversing our rising rate of population growth immediately.

And if that makes sense, why not start cutting population everywhere? Are condoms not the greenest technology of all?
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Happy Birthday Mary Sunshine

This is beautiful. A letter from a mother to a young daughter on her birthday.

Dear Mary Beth,

I remember that sonogram so clearly. The doctor pointed to what he called a "butterfly" and told me that our boy streak was a thing of the past. I fairly flew down the hallway to the office of his physician's assistant--something in me knew that I needed a female to celebrate properly. I carefully carried my black and white photo home and showed it to Daddy without a word. He took one look and said, "It's Mama's best friend!"
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Further Clarification Needed, I Guess

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has some faux sympathetic words for certain people angered by the recent news about Anglicans:

Poor George Carey. I always felt the poor man was out of his depth. I remember after he steered the Church of England to its decision to ordain women priests. Then JP2 handed down the decision that 'the Catholic Church does not have the authority to ordain women as priests, and this is to be held definitively by all the faithful." Carey stammered in public that 'He would need to seek further clarification." The Pope's statement was perfectly clear. What was unclear was the Church of England's decision and subsequent legislation for 'flying bishops' and 'no go areas' for women priests etc.
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A Worthy Cause

Being Catholic and all and believing in giving and helping others and all that nicey nice stuff, this would seem like an admirable channel for giving. Pundette's got the link:

Project Valour IT provides laptops with voice activated software to wounded soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen recovering at military medical centers all across America. Typically these young men and women spend up to two years healing and undergoing physical therapy. Their courage, determination, and unfailing esprit de corps are truly inspiring. Most of us, facing the loss of our eyesight, an arm or a leg and repeated surgeries would just crumble up into a ball. Not these guys. They're warriors . . . .
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Bishop: Kennedy Should Apologize

Happy to see Bishop Tobin taking on Kennedy's outrageous remarks. I hope more is to follow:

U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy was blasted yesterday by a Rhode Island bishop for an “ignorant” slap at the Catholic Church over abortions paid for under health-care reform.

Kennedy, who did not return calls to the Herald, labeled Catholic opposition to abortion funding a “red herring.”

Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin shot back, saying the Democrat continues to be a “disappointment” to Catholics and is “ignorant of the facts.”
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40 Pro-Life Dems

It comes down to this. We're depending on at least 41 pro-life Democrats to do the right thing. And even they're not sure if it's enough. The Hill has the story:

Approximately 40 House Democrats are prepared to block healthcare reform legislation from coming to the floor should the bill include federal subsidies for abortions, said Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) Friday.

Stupak, who is conservative on social issues, told CNS News that he has organized the voting bloc to support his amendment that would strip the abortion provisions from the legislation. House Rules Committee chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), according to Stupak, said that there is "no way" her panel would provide a vote for his amendment.

The group of 40 would join House Republicans in voting against procedural measure that would draft rules for debating the bill on the House floor. Passage of the measure is necessary for the House to hold a floor vote.
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The Skinny On Personal Ordinariates

Rorate Caeli has an interview with the Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion that gives details on what the Apostolic Constitution might look like.

Very interesting answers in this lengthy interview granted by the leader of the Traditional Anglican Communion, Primate John Hepworth, to The Australian (some of these points were reiterated by him in his brief intervention at the Forward in Faith UK conference this Saturday).

Ordinariates around the world:
Inquirer: In place of conventional dioceses, the new arrangements envisage "personal ordinariates". Are they akin to the military ordinariates for dispersed groups of personnel in the various branches of the armed forces?

John Hepworth: Yes, and they are at the heart of what the Pope proposes. They are similar to dioceses but are groupings of people rather than a territory. Under this arrangement the ordinary (who may be a priest or a bishop) will be the shepherd of the Anglican people within the Catholic communion in his area. There will probably be a considerable number of these groupings around the world.
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Horror: Nun As Abortion Escort

This one makes me speechless. A true horror from LifeSiteNews:

A Dominican nun has been seen frequenting an abortion facility in Illinois recently - but not, as one might expect, to pray for an end to abortion or to counsel women seeking abortions, but to volunteer as a clinic escort.

Local pro-life activists say that they recognized the escort at the ACU Health Center as Sr. Donna Quinn, a nun outspokenly in favor of legalized abortion, after seeing her photo in a Chicago Tribune article.

"I've called her sister several times, and she never responded," local pro-lifer John Bray told LifeSiteNews.com (LSN). "But it's her."

Amy Keane, a pro-life witness for 11 years, says Quinn has acted as escort for "six years, at least." Keane described one incident in which Quinn began shouting at the pro-lifers as they spoke to a woman about to enter the abortion facility.
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Palin Bucks GOP, Endorses Pro-Lifer

This is a big deal. Sarah Palin essentially goes up against the GOP by endorsing a pro-life candidate on the Conservative Party ticket. That's a big deal. Gateway Pundit has more:

Sarah Palin spoke out in support of conservative Doug Hoffman tonight in New York’s 23rd District race. Via Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:
The people of the 23rd Congressional District of New York are ready to shake things up, and Doug Hoffman is coming on strong as Election Day approaches! He needs our help now.
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USCCB vs. Limbaugh

Oh no. The bishops have signed onto a petition to attempt to silence Rush Limbaugh. Diogenes has the story:

Liberal activists in the US loathe conservative talk-radio shows. OK, you already knew that.

Liberals would like to use the power of the Federal Communications Commission to tighten down the lid on conservative talk-show hosts. OK, you already knew that.

Liberal religious groups have asked the FCC to investigate "hate speech" on the radio waves. Maybe you didn't know that, but I bet you aren't surprised.
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Jen F. Is An Incompetent Killer

This is honestly one of the funniest things I've ever read on the internet. Jen F. finds a scorpion. And it's not willing to go quietly.

The afternoon of Friday the 2nd started out perfectly lovely. I'd put my youngest two children down for naps and had set up my three-year-old daughter and five-year-old son for a little quiet time. All day I'd been drifting over to my computer, checking email here, reading blogs there, and I couldn't wait to finish up all the things I'd started in my sporadic computer time throughout the day. Just as I was settling down into the couch and opening up my laptop, I heard the worst four words that could be uttered in this house:

"Look, mommy, a scorpion!"
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Do It For Wile E. Coyote

This is just weird. A congressman has asked that people write in the names of loved ones who died because of our awful healthcare system. Of course, someone already wrote in Wile E. Coyote, which if you ask me, that dude needs a great healthcare plan because he's constantly blowing himself up and falling off cliffs. Pundette has the story:

Is Rep. Alan Grayson trying to set a House record for the speed with which a new member destroys his own credibility? It's a competitive field but his performance thus far is hard to beat. From The Hill:

The new site, namesofthedead.com, seizes on Grayson’s comment on the House floor that the Republican healthcare plan is for people to “die quickly.” It invites visitors to log-in the names and stories of friends and relatives who died because they lacked health insurance.
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White House E-Mails MSNBC

This is crazy. So you're telling me that it's somebody's job in the White House to watch MSNBC all day and email corrections to them. Well, why doesn't the White House just take over MSNBC altogether...oh wait. Check out the video at Ace. It's pretty bad:

The Head-Pat Media.

Remember, FoxNews is biased. Here, Mika is corrected by her masters in the White House and immediately pushes the correction out there -- amplifying it, actually, absolving the White House from any bad behavior regarding FoxNews at all.

But it's FoxNews that has the problem.
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The Chicken Runs at Midnight

This is an amazing story. Go read the whole thing. Great story. Check out And Your Life Will be Filled With Sunshine:

This is part I of a series on Rich Donnelly, my Catholic Speaker from Support a Catholic Speaker Month at FallibleBlogma. The moderator still needs a couple dozen more volunteers to write about a Catholic Speaker, so I encourage everyone to at least stop by and check out the project.

When I signed up to write about Rich Donnelly, I had never heard of him. A little background: Donnelly was born in 1946 in Steubenville, Ohio (a really Catholic town), attended Steubenville High and Xavier University. He played 4 seasons of baseball (catcher) in the minor leagues during the late '60s, early '70s, and has been coaching major league baseball pretty much ever since. He's also one of the top ten racquetball players over 50 in the U.S.

This is a moving story about his family life from the L.A. Dodgers' website:
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The Early Church and Abortion

You mean "thou shalt not kill" wasn't just made up recently. And you think there wasn't a caveat for very small humans? Renew America has more:

The unborn child is a human life. Is that a new idea? Consider this assertion from a "Gender Studies" professor (and note the title of her work):
The tendency of the public and medical institutions to perceive fetuses as human is a problematic development because it has the potential to privilege fetuses over women. ... Whereas personhood was once gained through the social world, in Western contemporary society both mothers and fetuses establish identities through reproductive technology and technoscience. — Merideth Nash, The fetishised fetus: creating "life" with ultrasound.
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Anglican to Catholic. American Style

Great perspective on recent news from the National Catholic Register:

With the news about the Vatican’s change for Anglicans desiring to come into the Church, I decided to ask the perspective of an American who has taken that journey.

Father Douglas Grandon, pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Moline, Ill., is a former Anglican pastor who is married and has children. He came into the Catholic Church in June 2003 and was ordained a Catholic priest in May 2008.

“It’s a monumental and historical event,” said Father Grandon. “I’m absolutely delighted. We’ve been hoping for this for a long time.”
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No Jews Allowed

As you know, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Organization supports Planned Parenthood. So while their acting inhumanely doesn't exactly shock me, this story from Gateway Pundit does:

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Organization is holding a conference this week in Egypt. No Jews are allowed.
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Ann'cement on Catholic/Anglican Relations

Damian Thompson has an interesting report:

Something big seems to be brewing in Rome and London. This from the Vatican:
We inform accredited journalists that tomorrow, Tuesday 20 October 2009, at 11am, in the John Paul II Hall of the Press Office of the Holy See, a briefing will be held on a theme pertaining to the relationship with the Anglicans, at which His Eminence Cardinal William Joseph Levada, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and His Excellency Mgr Joseph Augustine Di Noia OP, Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments will take part. (Hat-tip, Fr Finigan.)
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Sun Times: Limbaugh as Klan?

This is disgusting:

The state-run media continues to smear conservative Rush Limbaugh…The Chicago Sun-Times ran this La Cucaracha Rush the Klansman cartoon strip today. Not funny. And not true.
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Anyone Remember the Berlin Wall?

Convenient short term memory.

"And so, at the end of the twentieth century there burst forth a sequence of events, expected by many of my countrymen but catching many in the West by surprise: Communism collapsed due to its inherent lack of viability and from the weight of the accumulated rot within. It collapsed with incredible speed, and in a dozen countries at once. The nuclear threat suddenly was no more. And then? A few short months of joyful relief swept over the world (while some bemoaned the death of the earthly Utopia, of the Socialist Paradise on earth). It passed, but somehow the planet did not grow calmer; it seems instead that with a greater frequency something flares up here or explodes there, even scraping together enough UN forces for peacekeeping has become no easy task."
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Outsourcing Birth


The Catholic Church has always rejected surrogacy. Many countries like France, Germany and China and have done the same making it illegal. Canada and the UK have banned commercial surrogacy, or surrogacy for money. Everyone has heard stories of how surrogacy can turn ugly with the child caught in the middle. But there are other victims. Surrogacy is becoming more popular. As rich westerners go to poorer nations like India to pay women to carry their IVF babies for cheap, these poor women are being exploited for their uterus. It is the outsourcing of pregnancy and birth.

The new documentary Google Baby films the creation of babies across three continents. The review asks:
...who is the parent of a child when the sperm comes from Israel, the egg comes from the United States and the surrogate pregnancy takes place in Gujarat, India?
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The War on Shortness?

Utopia is just a few government programs away. Everyone will be healthy and smart and perfect if they just do what the elite tell them to. A writer in the New York Times Magazine calls for a war on shortness because tall people are healthier. Seriously. Wesley Smith has the story:

In the past few months, I have come to think that Obamacare and the obsession with cost containment is driving us crazy. Now, after reading Slate writer Daniel Engber’s call for a war on shortness to be fought alongside the war on obesity, I know it is. Writing in the New York Times Magazine, Engber asks:

Shouldn’t making Americans taller be one of the goals of health care reform?
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Kevin Jennings or the Catholic Priest?

Hmmm. Which story is more newsworthy? Newsbusters has the answer.

Consider the following two stories. Pay attention. There will be a quiz.

1. The Obama administration has appointed Kevin Jennings as a "czar" inside the Department of Education. In addition to being the founder of a group called the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Jennings once wrote a foreword to a book called Queering Elementary Education. In that foreword, he wrote, "We must address antigay bigotry ... as soon as students start going to school." In addition, Jennings has admitted that, 21 years ago as a 24-year-old teacher at Concord Academy, he advised a gay student sophomore*, "I hope you knew to use a condom," after the student confided he went home with a guy he had met the night before in a Boston restroom. Jennings has since admitted, "I can see how I should have handled the situation differently." Other controversial episodes have been attributed to Jennings.
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Newsweek: Fox News is Un-American

Remember when un-American was a dirty word. Well I guess it's not anymore. Gateway Pundit has the details:

The White House must be so proud.
Following their lead, the state-run media is now boldly bashing FOX News, too.

The former news magazine known as Newsweek is now calling FOX News “un-American.”
Oh brother.
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Chaplain Offers Mass in Iraqi Monastery

Thanks to Taylor Marshall for the heads up on this. Inspiring.

This is a great story. A friend of mine Father Jeff Whorton is a married Catholic priest (former Anglican priest under the Pastoral Provision) recently offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in an abandoned monastery in Mosul, Iraq (allegedly ancient Ninevah). It is the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq and it was recently rediscovered (see Smithsonian article). In the 1700s, 150 were martyred at this location. Today it lies in ruins.
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The Splendor of Worship

I like Mike Potemra's use of "conservative" in this case.

Pope Benedict XVI has long been a passionate advocate of a renewed sense of beauty in the liturgy. He has taken some steps to encourage this, most notably his 2007 letter Summorum Pontificum allowing the broader use of the Traditional Latin Mass. He has, predictably, met with a great deal of resistance on the part of liturgical conservatives (by which I mean, in this context, those who insist that the liturgy must remain frozen in the exact form it took in the 1970s).
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Why I Hate the GOP

They tell us they're the pro-life party. They tell us they're the fiscal conservative party. But they're not. They're a political party whose aim is to fool enough of the voters to get elected. That's it. Check out Hot Air for the story:

The NY-23 special election has been off our radar screen but the boss is blogging up a storm about it, seeing it — as, increasingly, many prominent conservatives do — as a bellwether for the party’s approach to the midterms. The RNC, NRCC, and even Gingrich are all in for liberal Republican Scozzafava; Michelle, Fred Thompson, and the Club for Growth support the upstart fiscal conservative Doug Hoffman. The question: How big should the big tent be? Evidently, per the party leadership, pretty darned big:
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Official Gobbledeygook

It happens at work all the time. People use high-falutin language to obfuscate their intentions. I always just say, "Speak to me like I'm four." It forces the people to actually make their point in plain English. They typically don't like to do that for some reason. So now you know why this story tickled me:

Reading the Wall Street Journal the other day, this item caught my eye on the front page, bottom. It’s the most wonderfully sensible story I’ve heard lately.

“A few months ago, 71-year-old Chrissie Maher got a mailing from her bank titled “Personal and Private Banking — Keeping You Informed.” Baffled by its blizzard of terms such as “account facility limit,” Ms. Maher replied in simpler language.

“The leaflet needs much more thought if it is to be understood by your customers,” she said in a letter to Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC. “As it stands, it should be renamed ‘Keeping You Confused.’ “

At this point, I’m hooked. This lady’s speaking my language.
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Formal Debate on Vatican II Begins

Very interesting piece from New Liturgical Movement. (HT Pewsitter)

Robert Moynihan at Inside the Vatican lays out rather nicely some of the context of the forthcoming theological discussions about the Second Vatican Council, as well as some of their potential import.

And So It Begins

Formal theological discussions about Vatican II will begin later this month, it was announced today. Why is Benedict XVI allowing this new debate on the most vexed questions of the Second Vatican Council?
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Fourteen is Rough

This is truly beautiful writing from Ebeth about her son's birthday.

Dear Patrick,

How happy are you this morning? We've put Fourteen behind us! It is my well-considered opinion that Fourteen is the most miserable age in the world for boys. And their mothers. And since, with you, everything is done in the superlative, Fourteen was pretty much the awfulest wasn't it?

Your Fourteenth birthday found you at odds with the world and me on bedrest, fairly powerless to help you navigate. We were knocked from our usual positions--with me behind the steering wheel and you navigating and entertaining in the seat beside me--and life was a bit chaotic for the first season of your Fourteenth year. I never thought I'd miss driving to soccer practice, but I did. Because I missed you. I missed the conversations that always began, "Hey Mom..." And I had a sense those conversations would never be the same.
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A Note Under the Door

This is, to me, a really funny picture. Check out what the note to Danielle Bean said. Continue reading>>>

Obama on the Bible. Literally.

Yuck. Cheeky Pink Girl has the oddest product of the day:

This makes me want to rolf. This is not a joke, it's a real product for sale on an African-American website:
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Lies, Damn Lies, and Phony Science

The Catholic Thing is trying to save your Thanksgiving meal from liberal indoctrination:

You are reaching for the gravy this Thanksgiving. Your family is gathered around the dinner table in a warm moment. Your freshman daughter is just home from her first semester in college, the one that is costing you $40,000 a year. And she chirps up, “Daddy, I don’t know why you’re against same-sex marriage. My sociology TA says that studies show there is absolutely no difference between children raised by gay couples and straight couples.” Only a few months ago she was the apple of your faithful Catholic eye. And now? Sociology has struck.
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Bishop: Exorcise "Spirit of Vatican II"

Wow. Tell us what you really think. I'm sending out some mad props to Bishop Nickless. The National Catholic Register has the story:

I first met Sioux City, Iowa Bishop Walker Nickless a month ago at the Serra International gathering in Omaha, Neb. Little did I know then that he was working on his bold first pastoral letter since his installation as bishop four years ago.

Ecclesia Semper Reformanda (The Church is Always in Need of Renewal), released yesterday, takes a look at the impact of the Second Vatican Council and sets forth a plan for the people of Sioux City and beyond. In many ways, it’s a pastoral letter unlike one we’ve yet seen.
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What's Wrong with Catholic Schools?

Erin Manning thinks one of the problems with Catholic schools is that they're not...uhm...Catholic enough:

It's not exactly news that Catholic education in America has entered a period of decline. Robbed of much of their vitality by the violent implosion in religious orders, especially those devoted to teaching the young, over the past forty years, they have struggled to stay alive--and many have closed their doors forever.

But this Time article misses much of the point of the story of the decline and fall of the American Catholic school:
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"Go Back to the Porch"

Wow. I don't watch Bill O'Reilly regularly but last night I tuned in and heard this exchange. I honestly questioned whether I heard it correctly because it was so openly racist and so out of bounds I was shocked by it. The 11 p.m. version of O'Reilly edited out the exchange. Newsbusters has the vid.

Te debate over Rush Limbaugh's NFL bid is roiling the racial landscape. This evening, after Juan Williams explained that Rush's "Barack the Magic Negro" parody was based on a column by an African-American author, a black radio talk show host told Williams to "go back to the porch."
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Forcing it Down Your Throat

I just found this blog "Truth Before Dishonor" and I love this post.

I have heard many liberals claim Conservatives and Christians are trying to force our values down their throats. I have to wonder who is forcing whose values down whose throats. I hear this most often over the abortion debate and any debate within that neighborhood.

The most recent time I heard this, just today, was on my cross-post of The “Pill”: It Kills? Perry, a commentator on Common Sense Political Thought, wrote the following example:
Your beliefs stated here are fine for you, John Hitchcock, but you are not entitled to force them on others whose values and needs are not identical to yours.
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Mao and Mother Teresa

Uh-oh. Someone in the White House is off their meds. The White House should check into Anita Dunn's obvious schizophrenia. Because there's got to be two people living in her cerebellum to say her two favorite philosophers are a mass murderer and Mother Teresa. Ace has the flaming skull up on this one:

White House Fox-Hating Flack Anita Dunn Discovered Telling HS Audience Her Favorite Philosophers are Mother Theresa... and Chairman Mao. A Maoist, now. How wonderful.
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Priest Wins $100,000 in Poker for Parish

Interesting story from CNA:

A South Carolina priest bested an NBA basketball star and two professional poker players, including former world champion Daniel Negreanu, to win $100,000 in a poker tournament and qualify for a competition with a $1 million grand prize.
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Finally! The Dr. Seuss Bible

This would be hilarious if it weren't actually true:

Imagine you're sitting in Church, and the lector approaches the ambo for the 1st Reading. He clears his throat.

"A reading from the book of Genesis....
In the beginning, God created.
The rules were established. The physics translated.
In the nothing God shouted, "Let there be light."
He created the first day, and thus made the night.
Then the waters, the sky, and the land from the seas
upon which He placed all the seed-bearing trees.
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Hillary More Popular than Obama

Essay by Right Wing Sparkle about why she'll always be grateful to Obama. Good read:

Hillary is as much of a liberal as Obama, but at least we all can agree that Hillary would know what she was doing.

Clinton spent a lifetime studying the levers of power and 16 years getting ready for the top job. In fact, she was so busy preparing to be president that she let Paul Begala and the other faded glories from her husband’s political shop handle the whole getting-elected part.
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Hey! Let's Give Drugs to Junkies

CNN runs a story how giving drugs to junkies might be a good thing because England's doing it and you know everything is better over in England. Newsbusters has the video:

England can't afford to help Alzheimer's patients pay for their medicine, but it can offer free shooting galleries to heroin addicts.

On Oct. 14 CNN's "American Morning" aired a segment about the controversial program that "gives heroin to heroin addicts at the taxpayers' expense." Correspondent Paula Newton declared, "A safe, steady supply of heroin is apparently just what the doctor ordered ... As radical as it is, for some it is really working." She also said that the British government's decision to dole out 97 percent pure heroin - "better than anything sold on the street" - "takes heroin off the streets."
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An Abortionist Converts

Great story at Patrick Madrid's blog:

He used to perform abortions. Then he returned to his Catholic faith. Now, Dr. John Bruchalski's mission is to help spread the message of Divine Mercy through his medical practice. His powerful conversion story is why planners for the upcoming North American Congress on Mercy have invited him to give his witness for the historic Nov. 14-15 event.

First, he founded the Tepeyac Family Center in 1994. The obstetrical and gynecological facility in Fairfax, Va., combines the best of modern medicine with the healing presence of Jesus Christ. Then, in 2000, he founded Divine Mercy Care, a non-profit organization performing spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
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H1N1 Up Close and Personal

Cindy from Verum Serum is here to tell us what it's like for the whole family to have H1N1. Uhm. It sounds pretty much as bad as you thought. But Cindy's been through it and she's got some tips:

Last week our entire family got sick, really sick. Our youngest who is 10 ended up in the local Newport Beach hospital with a fever of 104.6 which wasn’t responding to any medications for 24 hours. After approximately five hours of being hooked up to an IV for hydration, administration of pain and anti-nausea medication, his temperature lowered to 102 degrees for the first time in days. He under went a battery of tests for strep, mono, meningitis, and H1N1. Toward midnight we were told he had tested positive for H1N1.
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Dems Curtail Free Speech

Come on. Dems have been after the second amendment for years. It was only a matter of time before they went after the first amendment:

Byron York blows the whistle on Democratic legislation, about to be enacted by Congress, which purports to partially repeal the First Amendment:
The [hate] crime bill -- which would broaden the protected classes for hate crimes to include sexual orientation and "gender identity," which the bill defines as a victim's "actual or perceived gender-related characteristics" -- passed the House earlier this year as a stand-alone measure. But it's never had the votes to succeed by itself in the Senate. So over the summer Democrats, with the power of their 60-vote majority, attached it to the defense [appropriations] bill.
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Michael Sean Winters' Whopper

You know. I'm almost starting to get the idea that Catholic writer Michael Sean Winters may be intellectually dishonest. I'm not saying he is. I'm just saying that it almost seems like it sometimes. Like...um...today for example. The Catholic Key discusses what he calls Winters' latest "whopper."

“The Hyde Amendment is nearly as settled law as is Roe,” Winters writes today over at NCR. You can go there to see the full context of the remark. I’m not interested in entering the specific argument over a public option. Rather, I’d like to point out that in the service of his political policy preferences Winters is capable of the most enormous whopper.

Here is what I’m certain Mr. Winters knows about the relative weight of Hyde versus Roe.

Roe v Wade is a Supreme Court decision. It supersedes and invalidates all existing or future democratically or legislatively enacted laws which the Court itself deems in conflict with it.
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ND Pays Students to March for Gay Rights?

Distressing. What could Notre Dame possibly have been thinking. I find myself hoping there's some explanation. The Cardinal Newman Society has the story:

The University of Notre Dame gave financial assistance to five students to participate in Sunday’s national gay rights demonstration, which was organized in part to advocate homosexual “marriage,” a campus newspaper has reported.

The “National Equality March” on Sunday, October 11, in Washington, D.C., was sponsored by Equality Across America, which aims to build a national grassroots network asserting homosexual couples’ “right to marry” as well as other demands. The Catholic Church believes that marriage is possible only between a man and a woman.

“Faithful Catholics will ask whether Notre Dame has learned its lesson from the scandalous commencement ceremony last spring,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. “What university seeking to reassure families of its Catholic identity would pay for students to attack the family and oppose Catholic teachings on marriage?”
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The Gov't Already Denies Coverage

Medicare is broken so...let's put everyone under Medicare! Do that and this is what you'll get:

Barack Obama and the Democrats like to demonize private insurance companies for denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and other reasons, but did you know that government run Medicare denies more coverage both in percentage of claims and actual number of patients denied than any private insurance company?
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Snowe Falls

Olympia Snowe makes Obamacare bipartisan. Not good:

Charles Grassley predicted that the Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee would stick together on the final panel vote on the Baucus health-care overhaul plan. Unfortunately, he didn’t reckon on colleague Olympia Snowe’s desire to make “history,” which apparently trumps fiscal responsibility and common sense. Snowe will vote to pass the non-bill, giving Democrats some much-needed political cover:
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The Pelosi Problem

James Todd of Pewsitter believes that the Nancy Pelosi problem is bigger than you might think:

Late last year Speaker Pelosi made a couple of rather outrageous statements about the teachings of the Church with regard to abortion and when life begins. Several bishops responded to correct Pelosi’s false statements. There was sufficient outrage among faithful Catholics to prompt Pelosi’s bishop, Archbishop Niederauer of San Francisco, to meet with her in February of this year. The result of that meeting? Pelosi’s spokesman confirmed that a meeting had taken place and that Pelosi was not about to change her position on abortion.

Since that February meeting Pelosi continues to dissent from Church teaching as evidenced by both her public statements and actions. Here is a small sampling of activities by Pelosi since she met with Archbishop Niederauer in February...
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Shakespeare's New Play

This is kinda cool:

William Shakespeare's canon may be expanding... slightly. Researchers in England using a complex language analysis program have concluded that the playwright co-wrote "The Reign of King Edward III," a previously unattributed work.
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Why Have Children?

I guess there's a lot of people typing into the world wide interweb thingy questions about why they should have children. I hope they find this answer at Amy's site:

I don’t have any sort of Sitemeter on this blog, but WordPress does have a stats function. Every day – every single day, at least one person comes to this blog with the query,

Why have children?

And it’s usually more than one. Today it was four.

I was curious about that, so I googled the phrase, and this is the blog post that comes up under that search:


But seriously, folks, if you have come here with that question, here’s a better answer.

Why have children?
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Trailer Review "Oh My God"

I hadn't heard about this movie and after seeing the trailer I don't have high hopes for it. B-Movie Catechism has the trailer and some comments:

I had started out calling my feature on trailers for upcoming movies “TRAILER TRASH” because… well, it’s the most obvious name there is, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s so stinking obvious that a few other blogs are already using it. So we’re switching to “THINGS TO COME” instead, which has a much more cozy eschatological feel better suited to this blog anyway. And since the title has a nice, new churchy ring to it, the first trailer should as well. Here’s the trailer for the upcoming documentary from newbie director Peter Rodger, Oh My God, which seems to be getting one of those “end-of-the-year limited release just in time for awards consideration” type of things.
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Moore's Catholic Attack on Capitalism

American Catholic critiques Michael Moore's Catholic-y critique of capitalism.

I have not seen Michael Moore’s latest film Capitalism: A Love Story. Therefore this is certainly not a movie review, for those who might have been expecting one. After what I have read recently, however, about the content of the movie – particularly it’s Catholic content, it is something I think I am going to have to see for myself. An article in The Guardian (for which I tip my hat to Facebook friend Brennan Hartley for) explores the presence of Catholic social teaching in Moore’s latest film, and in what may be a shock to at least some folks, Moore’s professed Catholicism.

Many of the readers here at TAC, however, will probably not be so surprised; we are all familiar enough with the specter of the liberal Catholic. There is a good aspect, a bad aspect, and a downright ugly aspect to what I typically encounter on the Catholic left, and Moore is the epitome of this trend.
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Can Hyde Keep Abortion From Obamacare?

Newsflash: Politicians lie! And they're lying now about abortion. Fallible Blogma has the story:

It’s amazing that politicians (with President Obama leading the charge) continue to insist that these Health Care reform bills will not subsidize abortions. “They lie!”

If it weren’t for the fact that I long ago already lost faith in trusting anything that comes from a politician’s mouth, I’d be saddened and shocked. But in fact, it’s just more of the same.
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Jews? What Jews? I Don't See Any

Great find by the Media Blog.

The British paper The Guardian – which one would just dismiss as an irrelevant left-wing rag, except that it is the overwhelming paper of choice for British teachers and for news staff at the BBC, the world’s largest broadcasting network, who are “inspired” by Guardian stories on a daily basis in their broadcasts – is no friend of Israel and the Jews, as I have noted before.

But now it has wiped Israel off the Nobel Prize map, much as Iranian despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would like to wipe Israel off the real map.
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A Thing Of Beauty

David Alexander relays

(The following is a homily of the Reverend Father Franklyn Martin McAfee, D.D., Pastor Emeritus of the Church of Saint John the Beloved, McLean, Virginia. It was delivered at the Solemn High Mass on the 26th of September, 2009, in the Crypt Church of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, in conjunction with the 2009 CMAA Gregorian Chant Pilgrimage. -- DLA)

A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Its loveliness increases;
It will never pass into nothingness;
-- John Keats

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Now Officially a Grownup

Mom finds out she's not hip to the slang. Heartbreak ensues:

Last week in a lame attempt to be hip, I used the term “BTW,” because it’s my understanding that the kids are into abbreviations these days.

(BTW means “by the way” and I have no idea why anyone would say the abbreviation when pronouncing the three words is actually shorter. But I don’t make the trends, I just observe them.)

My eighteen-year-old sister laughingly informed me that the kids do not say “bee tee double-u.” Apparently, they say “bee tee dubs.”
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Meet the Nobel Runners Up

Right Wing Sparkle has a few names and short bios of those who got passed over by the Nobel committee. When you click over you've got to scroll down a few graphs to get to the list:

Not to be a Debbie Downer here, but meet the people passed over for Obama:

Sima Samar, women's rights activist in Afghanistan: "With dogged persistence and at great personal risk, she kept her schools and clinics open in Afghanistan even during the most repressive days of the Taliban regime, whose laws prohibited the education of girls past the age of eight. When the Taliban fell, Samar returned to Kabul and accepted the post of Minister for Women's Affairs."

Ingrid Betancourt: French-Colombian ex-hostage held for six years.
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Young Hamlet's Agony

Quite brilliant from Charles Krauthammer:

The genius of democracy is the rotation of power, which forces the opposition to be serious -- particularly about things like war, about which until Jan. 20 of this year Democrats were decidedly unserious.

When the Iraq war (which a majority of Senate Democrats voted for) ran into trouble and casualties began to mount, Democrats followed the shifting winds of public opinion and turned decidedly antiwar. But needing political cover because of their post-Vietnam reputation for weakness on national defense, they adopted Afghanistan as their pet war.
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Consent is Sexy?

I wouldn't know what the heck this T-shirt meant.

Do you think "Consent is Sexy"?

Or that T-shirts with the slogan, "Consent is Sexy" are a substantive, logical, or moral way to "stand up against the injustices of rape and sexual assault"?

Should such a campaign be supported by the Student Wellness Resource Center of Gonzaga University (Spokane, Washington)? This ad appeared in a late September issue of The Gonzaga Bulletin, the main student newspaper of the Jesuit school:
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DNC: Laugh at Obama? You're a Terrorist

This is great.

DNC: If you laugh at Obama’s Nobel, you side with terrorists. Oh, and the Taliban too, which must be news to Mark Halperin, Ruth Marcus, Richard Cohen, and Ezra Klein this morning. George Bush got a lot of heat when he used the “you’re with us or against us” for the war on terror, but he specifically meant nations that had to decide whether to help us fight terrorist networks or choose to hide them or hinder justice. Politico reports that the DNC now posits that anyone ridiculing Obama is a terrorist sympathizer:
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With All Due Respect

Karen at Some Have Hats has a pertinent question:

I've given up ranting, for the most part, because it's pointless, I'm all ranted out, and I'm busy with other things. (Like packing, which is not as much fun as ranting, but definitely more productive.)

But I just have to say this...

Where the HELL were these guys when 54% of "ardent practicing Catholics" were voting for Obama? NOW they're "demanding" he change his view (zealous enthusiasm) over abortion.
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Ginsburg: Priest "Outrageously" Prolife

So a eugenics supporter on the Supreme Court was offended by a pro-life priest. Yeah, that makes sense. Well now we know why Ginsburg hasn't been at the Red Mass in a while. American Catholic has the quote that explains it. I see the quote was given a while ago but I haven't seen it before:

Sometimes it’s all in the phrasing. The other day I read a mention of the annual Red Mass celebrated in Washington DC which quoted Justice Ginsburg’s explanation of why she no longer attends (though Justice Breyer, also Jewish, attends). The quote in full:

“Before every session, there’s a Red Mass,” Ginsburg said. “And the justices get invitations from the cardinal to attend that. And a good number of the justices show up every year. I went one year, and I will never go again, because this sermon was outrageously anti-abortion.”
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NAMBLA Supporter in the White House?

I'm beginning to think Roman Polanski will like America very much when he returns. Red State has the story:

When I was a teenager, my friends and I joked about NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

Until I was in my twenties, I thought my friends had just made it up. Surely there was no such organization that campaigned to allow open sexual relations between boys and men — a concept that did not just involve statutory rape, but offended the profound decency of a moral public.

Sadly, NAMBLA is very real and today steps right out of the darkest pits of immoral human behavior and straight into the White House. Sean Hannity has been all over this story and we are just now coming to terms with how sick and demented the thinkings and associations of White House Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings are.
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Hey! Let's Team Up with the Taliban!

So now we're essentially renaming the enemy and calling our enemies partners. Oh boy:

No foolin’. They’re looking for any way they can to avoid giving McChrystal the troops he says he needs to secure the country, so they’ve come up with a way out. If the people we’ve been fighting for eight years aren’t the enemy, then the country no longer needs to be secured from them, does it?

If you thought troop morale was low now, wait.
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NY Times: Belief in God is...Dementia

Wow. And by that I mean "Wow" in that the New York Times said what it actually meant without couching it in vague terms. They think religious people are demented. OSV has the story:

Slipped ever so casually into a New York Times profile on Dr. Francis Collins, the new director of the National Institutes of Health, is this stunning and not-so-objective example of reporting:
"First, there is the God issue. Dr. Collins believes in him. Passionately. And he preaches about his belief in churches and a best-selling book. For some presidential appointees, that might not be a problem, but many scientists view such outspoken religious commitment as a sign of mild dementia."
Excuse me. Rewind the tape, please. Did the New York Times just say that people who believe in God and talk about it have dementia?
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One Family's Rosary Story

A powerful story:

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary…oh, happy day!
At this morning’s Mass, Father shared stories about the Rosary. Stories of conversion, miracles and marvels. As he so eloquently stated: “Everyone has a story about the Rosary!” I’d like to share ours and hope that you will feel free to do the same, either on your blog or in the combox…here’s mine:
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Obama Lied to Pope and at Notre Dame

You mean Obama lied. What?! I can't believe it. But if he's lying about conscience exemptions, what else might be lying about?

When Barack Obama went to Notre Dame to speak at their commencement and accept an honorary law degree from the Catholic university, he attempted to quiet the outrage from conservative Catholics and pro-life activists by claiming to respect the religious teachings of Catholics and protect freedom of conscience on abortion. He insisted that he would do the same during a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. According to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the Obama administration has written an expiration date on that promise already in North Carolina, where the EEOC has demanded that a private Catholic college offer abortion and contraception coverage as part of its health-insurance benefits (via Gateway Pundit and The Anchoress):
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This is Why I'm a Sports Fan

For me, this is so incredibly moving. I'll always remember this moment. Great find from Dale (whose wife is very very close to having a baby):

I stumbled across this interesting Youtube find--an alternate call of several of the great moments of the Miracle on Ice. The play-by-play was done by Curt Chaplin, a reporter for ABC Radio who covered the game from a camera stand. The tape had been lost and was just rediscovered in the last few years. It's very well done, and quite stirring as Chaplin gets caught up in the moment. His description of the Soviet team standing on the blue line after the game ended was professional, but about as close as one can get to "neener, neener, neener" without crossing the line.
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Hollywood's Normalization of Child Sex

Well documented case from John Nolte at Big Hollywood that Hollywood for some strange reason seems to be advocating the sexualization of children:

The vocal, sanctimonious Free-Polanski uproar is merely a symptom of an entertainment culture infected with a moral cancer – a culture that regularly practices up on the screen what we’ve heard them preach this last week on behalf of a confessed child rapist.

Last year Miramax released “Doubt,” a high-profile piece of Oscar-bait starring Academy Award winners’ Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Streep plays a puritanical nun on a moral crusade to expose a Priest (Hoffman) who she believes is sexually abusing a 12 year-old boy. Both characters are portrayed as unsympathetic (especially Streep’s) but in just a couple scenes the boy’s working-class mother (Mrs. Miller, played by Viola Davis) is established as the moral center of the film – the only one truly interested in the welfare of her child. When Mrs. Miller’s informed that her son’s being molested, the Moral Center Of The Film responds that her 12 year-old boy is gay, a social outcast, and beaten regularly by his homophobic father … so maybe the best option for him is a sexual relationship with a forty-something child predator.
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What? Who? Support Polanski? Who?

One LA Times Columnist claims that nobody and I mean nobody in Hollywood supports Roman Polanski. In fact, nobody does. Wait. Wait. Better yet. Who's this Polanski fellow you speak of? Patterico points out that Hollywood is in bed with a rapist.

Polanski supporter Patrick “Sentencing Child Rapists Costs Too Much $$$” Goldstein, in his latest silly piece at the L.A. Times web site:

There’s no petition going around with the names of the real Hollywood elite — A-list filmmakers and studio chiefs like Steven Spielberg, Alan Horn, James Cameron, Amy Pascal, Jerry Bruckheimer, Brian Grazer, Tom Rothman, J.J. Abrams, John Lasseter or Michael Bay — because the real Hollywood elite isn’t supporting Polanski. In fact, they haven’t offered the slightest hint of backing for Polanski.
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Jesuit College Covers Family Planning

I'd lay odds that Boston College isn't the slightest bit embarrased about this revelation from the Cardinal Newman Society (HT Pewsitter):

New research by The Cardinal Newman Society has uncovered evidence that the student health insurance plan provided by Boston College, a Jesuit institution of Catholic higher education, includes coverage for “family planning” services such as birth control pills.

“Now that it has been uncovered that Boston College is providing unethical coverage to students, college officials should take immediate action to provide students with insurance options that conform to Catholic teachings,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. “BC needs to send a strong message, especially after students voted in a referendum last year to petition the college to make contraceptives available on campus.”
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GOP Breaking on ObamaCare

Oh no. This is why I hate Republicans. Red State reports:

I am told quite reliably that in a meeting today on Capitol Hill, Republican Senators began to rapidly move toward concessions on health care because they are afraid they cannot hold their members. Some Republicans are now thinking of supporting a government program.
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Amy on Friends

Amy Welborn writes beautifully of heaven, purgatory and friends.

Molly and I became friends oh, maybe 13 years ago or so.

She was David’s 4th grade teacher. And taught him at other times too, I think. I taught both of her daughters. Never taught her son, but for a year drove him to school.

Molly was sharp and true, intuitive. A great teacher. She loved God, loved her family with a passion.

There was a time when things were hard for me, and she listened to me. A lot.

At one point, over glasses at wine at Carrabba’s, I stopped, ashamed.

“I’m sitting here talking about this, and you’re sitting there with cancer,” I said. “I’m sorry.”
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Is 'Mad Men' Worth Watching?

I don't watch 'Mad Men' but I know a few people who say it might be the best show on television. Patrick is a big fan of it. But the whole thing seems rather bleak to me. But if you're at all interestd in the show take a look at Catholic Key's take on it.

Too much of the hubbub and fanfare concerning the AMC television series Mad Men has been, literally, superficial. One of the main attractions of the series — which follows the lives of men and women working at a Madison Avenue advertising firm in the early 1960s — are its sets and costumes, which meticulously reproduce the colors and contours of that ever-fascinating decade: the pastels in the suits and ties, the typewriters, the horn-rimmed glasses, the chinoiserie, the turtlenecks. Many reviews —including one appearing last year in the Star — have focused almost exclusively on this impressive but screen-deep dimension of the show.
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He Said It, Not Me

The Queen is fed up with the Church of England and sympathetic to the Pope. Fr. Dwight has a solution that will please everyone. Well, maybe not everyone.

This article from the Daily Telegraph reports that the Queen of England, and head of the Church of England, is not amused, indeed she is heartily dismayed, by the present direction of the Church of England. She is reported to be increasingly sympathetic to the Catholic Church and has much admiration for Pope Benedict XVI.
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Killing for Organs

Thanks to Pundette for showing me this one by Wesley Smith. This is more than a little troubling:

Oh-oh: Here they come. For years, organ transplant ethicists and some in the bioethics community have agitated to increase the supply of donated organs. There is nothing wrong with that in the abstract, of course. Increasing the supply would alleviate much human suffering and is devoutly to be wished. But therein lurks a great danger. Increasing supply is a worthy goal only so long as the organs are obtained ethically. But there is a growing chorus among the medical and bioethical intelligentsia to obtain more organs by harvesting living patients. Yes, some of our most influential voices now seek a license to kill for organs.
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Scariest Thing You'll Read Today

The logic of this abortion doctor is sound if you accept his premise. Mary's Aggies has the interview transcript:

Why would any doctor, who swears in the Hippocratic oath to preserve life, want to perform abortions? I really can't answer such a question, but a glimpse into the mind of one doctor leads me to believe it may come from a world-view which makes humans into nothing less than a dog; a baby into nothing more than a lump of flesh; or an abortion into birth control.

From a Q&A with an abortion doctor in Austin on the 40 Days For Life happening outside of his clinic:

Q: What is your response to the 40 Days for Life protest taking place outside your clinic?

A: Abortion is an issue to me that - scientifically, ethically, politically, legally - in my heart of hearts I favor legal, properly-performed abortions. Anybody who demonstrates against us, in my experience - and it's always tied to some religious organization - to me, they are no different than Osama bin Laden and his creed. Because you cannot talk to them, their minds are closed, they think that God talks to them...
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PB16 Blessed to Hear A lot About Obama

I'm a few days late on this but Opinionated Catholic has a telling comparison that's worth sharing:

I wanted to make an observations at the big day at the Vatican Today. See US Envoy To Pope Benedict Gives Credentials to Pope Benedict (Full Text of U.S. and Papal Statements Plus Pics) .

I wanted to compare the remarks of our new envoy Ambassador Diaz's to those of Envoy Mary Ann Glendon.
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Scientist Reproduces Shroud?

He's got my attention. Let's see what he has to say:

An Italian scientist says he has reproduced the Shroud of Turin, a feat that he says proves definitively that the linen some Christians revere as Jesus Christ's burial cloth is a medieval fake.

The shroud, measuring 14 feet, 4 inches by 3 feet, 7 inches bears the image, eerily reversed like a photographic negative, of a crucified man some believers say is Christ.

"We have shown that is possible to reproduce something which has the same characteristics as the Shroud," Luigi Garlaschelli, who is due to illustrate the results at a conference on the para-normal this weekend in northern Italy, said on Monday.
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O Nominee Praises Polygamy

Great. More Nutjobs in the White House:

Gee, what a shocker. Obama nominated another complete nutbag for a high level government position.

Barack Obama's latest nominee for The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission signed a petition that praised polygamy.
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What About Socialization?

Erin Manning doesn't have a whole lot of patience for the question about homeschooling and socialization.:

Earlier this week, Rod Dreher posted about this homeschooling article in Salon, by Andrew O'Hehir, about their family's experiences as new homeschoolers. The O'Hehirs are politically liberal and don't fit the typical homeschooling stereotype; that said, the most interesting thing to me about both the article and the ensuing discussion at Crunchy Cons is that people are still hung up about homeschooling and socialization. From the Salon piece:

Mrs. GSP: What do you do about socialization?

Me: Oh, we've got a nice support network. They have a circle of friends. They do lots of classes and activities. They go to birthday parties and stuff.

Real answer: My public answer is OK, as far as it goes. But hang on a minute, lady: What do you mean by "socialization"? In a legendary Internet screed called "The Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List," Deborah Markus answers this question by observing, "If you're talking to me and my kids, that means that we do in fact go outside now and then to visit the other human beings on the planet."
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