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It's always dangerous for a blog run by men to link to posts about women working but I can always blame Patrick for putting this up if we get into trouble:

Catherine Hakim, a senior research fellow at the London School of Economics, has been studying gender and work trends for decades. “The most misleading feminist myth is that women are united in their goals and priorities,” she wrote in the journal Public Policy Review. “The myth that all or most women would be just as careerist as men, if only they were given the opportunity, has been exploded.”

In other words, it's pointless to try to get women to make up 50% of the paid workforce of every profession. Women will never make up 50% of CEO's.
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Craig said...

Women are not, nor have they ever been, "united in their goals and priorities" because they have a uterus.
That's why women were given the freedom to choose what their goals and priorities would be through the feminist movement.

Suzanne said...

My dream is to launch a movement to end the feminist monopoly on ideas about women. Women are just as diverse as men.

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