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Wife Stealing Your Books?

I do not have this problem as my wife and I don't share taste in movies, books, or much at all to be honest. But this is a great post from Bettnet concerning deep dark marital troubles from a wife who shamelessly and ruthlessly steals her husband's books. It sounds like an intervention is needed:

Dear Abby:

I love my wife. I really do. And one of the reasons I married her was that, in addition to being gorgeous and Catholic and open to life, she loves books. Even more than I do. And that’s a lot.

Not only does she love books, but we love the same kind of books in many cases. She likes science fiction and fantasy! Am I lucky or what?

Unfortunately, Abby, that’s where there’s a little trouble in paradise. You see, my wife, “M”, loves books so much that she devours them whole. She goes through 400-page novels in a sitting and she’s often reading three or four books at a time. Not all at once, mind you, like a female, latter-day St. Thomas Aquinas, but they’ll be scattered about the house or in the diaper bag, ready for the picking when the mood strikes. Again, this isn’t so bad in itself: She gets many books at the library or through Bookmooch, so the cost isn’t really an issue.

No, the problem is that … she reads my books while I’m still reading them!
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Deirdre Mundy said...

I do that too! My logic? If you're puttering around on the computer, leave it at home while you're at work, or leave it in the bathroom..... well, it's fair game!!!

Honestly, I'm TRYING to get better...... but.... Men are such slow readers!!!!!

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