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Vigil for ObamaCare

I found this at Pewsitter. A bunch of liberal Catholic groups are getting together to hold a vigil to convince Cardinal Rigali to endorse ObamaCare. I guess Rigali should stop worrying so much about taxpayer money going to kill babies and just hop on the Obama bandwagon.

Area Catholics and other people of faithwill vigil for health care for all on Saturday, September 19,at SS Peter & Paul Cathedral in Philadelphia. People willcall on Cardinal Rigali to withdraw his opposition to real health care reform.Vigilers will gather at 1 p.m. across from the Philadelphia Free Library for a procession to the Cathedral.

TheU.S. Conference of Catholic Bishopshas a 30-yearhistory of lobbying for universal health care, which the bishops have called "a fundamental issue of human dignity and life."However, Cardinal Rigali, along with a few other U.S. bishops,is joining with Right-wing Republican fringe groups determined to stoplegislation that would bring health insurance to millions and millionsof uninsured Americans.
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Laura Tepen said...

Only a few U.S. Bishops oppose it? Only fringe groups are working against it?

maureen said...

I find it upsetting that a few liberal Catholics feel they know more than the Archbishop. He is a leader of the flock for a reason. Do these people realize that the current reform bill allows taxpayer-funded abortion? To promote this plan must be a sin because abortion is a grave mortal sin.

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

A vigil for Obamacare. Hmmmm, must mean that it is dead--funeral vigil.

Renee said...

As Catholics we can discuss what may work best for our country, along with millions of other Americans who may not be Catholic. It may range from single payer to promoting more private options. This includes the ability to give charity out of our own pockets to help those in medical need. Rather some people choose to label Cardinal Regali as being political and out of line with Catholic teaching, when it is the vigilers who have little interest in their faith and acting solely on political intent!!.

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