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Troubles within the Lutheran College with the Bible being used on both sides has some wondering if there's not some teaching authority somewhere. Against the Grain has the story:

I attended a Lutheran (ELCA) college, where I majored in theology and philosophy. Much of my junior and senior year, however, were spent engaged in study of Catholic teaching (thanks to the fortunate discovery of Dorothy Day and Cardinal Ratzinger), culminating in my conversion.

In much the same manner as my familial background leads me, even as a convert, to take an interest in Mennonite affairs, I try to stay abreast of Lutheran matters and Lutheran-Catholic relations.

News of late has made for rather grim reading.
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Anonymous said...

As Bernard Lonergan, S.J. famously wrote in "Insight", counterpositions (his term for falsehoods that might not be understood to be false) invite their own reversal. The foundation of Lutheranism undermines itself, inviting its own reversal. It's taken half a millenium for some to begin to realize it, but the inevitable reversal will eventually occur.

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