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This Ain't No Ya-Ya Sisterhood Thing!

This ain't no ya-ya thing. It's like Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club. Suzanne has six boys and she's discovered what she calls a secret club that guys have. If she discovers our secret meeting places, we'll all have to move. I'll keep you informed:

Since I've had boys, I've had the opportunity to witness a certain male camaraderie that I had hitherto been completely unaware existed. When I go out in public with my all-male crew, men cheer me. I've never had a man ask me if I was done trying for my girl. They wink at my boys in the deli line and congratulate me, they talk sports and recommend movies to my boys when we visit the hardware store, they count them up with admiration and honor me with their "SIX!" like it's a trophy of some sort. They smile and nod with approval when we pass, they offer all manner of hand shakes to my boys and my boys respond in kind. There's a certain clubbiness about it, a certain male team spirit my boys understand.
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