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Sheep Stealing Not Allowed. Huh?

Via Pewsitter. Surprise. Surprise. The Vatican and the USCCB don't see eye to eye. They differ in understanding proselytism? As Catholic Culture points out, the USCCB says no proselytizing to other Christian groups but fails to emphasize the obligation of Catholics to proclaim the Catholic faith to non-Catholic Christians. This seems strange to me:

A recent press release by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops appears to put forward a different understanding of proselytism from that taught by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith-- and in doing so, may inadvertently lead some Catholics to neglect their responsibility to proclaim and witness to the Catholic faith in its fullness to non-Catholic Christians.

An official of the US bishops’ Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs writes:
Proselytism, or the deliberate targeting of another Christian or group of Christians for the sole purpose of getting them to reject their church to join another, is not allowed. Some people may feel called in conscience to change from one tradition to another, but “sheep stealing” is unacceptable.
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