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Palin v. Obama

Palin v. Obama. Come on you know you want it. Right Wing Sparkle gives us a taste of what it might be like. It'll be Obama talking about Obama and Palin talking about America:

Sarah Palin's speech in Asia and Obama's speech to the U.N. could not have been more different.

Palin's speech was about the strength of our nation, and Obama's speech was about how he makes our country so much better.
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Craig said...

Let's see...

A speech given by the popularly-elected leader of the free world to heads of state from around the globe fully covered by the national and international media.


A speech given by a currently unemployed Palin to a small group of investors behind close doors so the evil Katie Couric and David Letterman couldn't express their opinons about it.

Not much of a contest here.

paladin said...

Definition of an Internet Troll, for your convenience...

Craig said...

Thanks, paladin!

I don't post "contradictory opinions or statements on bulletin boards in an attempt to stimulate a response".

I genuinely have a different point of view and I am willing to discuss that with anyone. I do not attack anyone or insult them.

As I told you before, I am not troll material.

paladin said...

Craig wrote:

I don't post "contradictory opinions or statements on bulletin boards in an attempt to stimulate a response".

(*blink*) Oh, really? From where I sit, you've done little else...

Hint: if you want to be taken as a non-troll, then perhaps you could do away with your relentless sarcastic "pounces" on virtually every topic on which CMR expounds. Your first comment on this very thread, for instance, doesn't seem to invite reasoned discourse; you seem to think that, so long as your snark and sarcasm are crafted without 4-letter words, your comments can be seen as a reasoned invitation to discuss (rather than an adulation of President Obama, coupled with dissing Governor Palin). Your paradigm seems to be this:

CMR: "We state [x]."

Craig: (snarky comments insinuating how low-brow, thoughtless, out-of-touch, stupid, and fringe-like [x] is)

The best anyone (with great patience and in a good humour) could say to you, if they took you at all seriously, would be: "Hm. Right. Well... thank you for sharing! Why do you read this blog again, if all you do is issue knee-jerk contrary statements?"

Mind you, I'm not at all wanting you to leave (even if I had the right to ask, which I don't); but can you truly not see that virtually every comment of yours "throws down the gauntlet", without so much as even an occasional agreement? Your choice, of course... but your single-minded relentlessness (and your sardonic attitude/word choices) really don't lend themselves to friendly engagement, IMHO...

Anyway. You asked. Back to the main point of the thread... (Sorry, Matthew!)

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