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Obama Pursues Compliance

Hey. Wanna' read something really scary? Head on over to Pundit and Pundette and read how Obama "pursues compliance."

The government gag-order of Humana speaks volumes about where we are headed under (yes, under) the Obama administration.

The move makes it plain that the Baucus bill can't stand the light of day. The Senate Finance Committee doesn't want Medicare Advantage members to know how the bill would adversely affect their benefits. This attempt at secrecy is consistent with other behavior on the part of the majority of the Senate Finance Committee to keep the provisions of the bill hidden from scrutiny.

Even more troubling is that an American government body would use this tactic.
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Craig said...

Hey. Wanna read something really scary? Analysts say the Medicare Advantage plans are being paid too much -- about 14 percent more than it costs to care for seniors in traditional Medicare.

So, when one of the benefactors of all that free taxpayer money, Humana, sees they will be losing some of that cabbage under the Obama plan and sends out a mailing trying to frighten the elderly, I say they deserve to be gagged.

I must add that it really is noble of Senate Republicans to defend their future employers against a probe by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Steven P. Cornett said...

Re: Craig,

Actually, Medicare Advantage only accounts for 10% of the Medicare budget, and is actually giving seniors more service for their money than typical medicare gives.

Medicare actually lowballs the money paid to medical practitioners to the point that many doctors can't afford to see medicare patients. They aren't paid the amounts they need to pay the malpractice insurance (that is, lawsuit protection racket tax), much less the actual cost of treatment.

Plans are in flux, but if the Baucas plan is anything to go by, things will actually get worse. That plan includes a 14% takeaway for treating your patients more expensively than others. The information to make that choice will only be given at the end of the year, thus causing a rationing race to the bottom for seniors under the program.

Or would you rather we not get to panic anyone by getting to know what's in these bills that will dramatically affect our future. The details on what I mentioned above are here

Craig said...

Medicare Advantage was not initiated to pay providers more money because they are allegedly going broke.
Medicare Advantage was begun to save the government money because private insurers are fictitiously more efficient than government at providing healthcare. Surprise, surprise, it is costing us over$1,100 more per enrollee to give them the same level of care as if we were not paying private insurers to cover seniors.

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