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The Notre Dame 88

To be honest, I've been staying out of the whole controversy about the 88 pro-life protestors being arrested. Many have called for Fr. Jenkins to drop the trespassing charges. Now, my initial thought was that yes they did trespass and they knew what they were getting into but I was wrong.

The Curt Jester raises some excellent points on this which make me join in the chorus of those calling for Fr. Jenkins to drop the charges.

What gets me about the arrest of the pro-lifers is a couple of things. One Fr. Jenkins decided he could give his own interpretation on what the Bishops said regarding honoring pro-abortion politicians. He has not followed the provisions in Church documents such as Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Yet when it comes to a Notre Dame law in regards to protests - that is hard and fast dogma with no mercy or change possible. Dialog is so much talked about, but making allowances for pro-lifers to peacefully protest is another story. The way that these protesters were treated is sad beyond belief. Handcuffing a elderly priest for the crime of protesting what 80 some bishops said should never have allowed is a sad indictment.
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