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Hollywood's hall of shame from Hot Air:

Most are European and unfamiliar, but among the people whose movies I’ll never watch again: Jonathan Demme, John Landis, Michael Mann, Martin Scorsese, and, bless his heart, Woody Allen, who I guess was forced to sign lest the press seize on the idea of a guy who married his almost-stepdaughter passing judgment on Polanski. Open question to any of these rape-defending turds: How far would you have let Polanski go before deciding that, hey, he probably should serve some time after all? What if he punched the kid in the face when he was raping her? Beat her with a tire iron? Seriously, how far?
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Steven P. Cornett said...

Let me put it this way.

If we still believe in equal justice under the law, and not that the law applies to everyone but the New IGnobility, then make him the most talented Hollywood director to reside at Fulsom.

Otherwise burn all that Common Law stuff as a bad idea (the New Ignobilty never believed in that stuff anyway) and be done with it, and save us peons the insults to our intelligence!

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