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Jack Black Leads Prayer to Devil on MTV

I remember when I first saw the movie "High Fidelity" I had high hopes that Jack Black was going to be a great comedic actor for years to come. I was wrong. He's now hawking video games on MTV while mockingly praying to the devil.

Look, I'm sure he'd say it was just a joke but if you needed reason 1 million and 1 not to allow your kids to watch MTV, this is a pretty good one.

The MTV Awards once again earned its reputation for tawdry entertainment by broadcasting Jack Black praying to the devil. The comedian, who was hawking a heavy metal video game called BrĂ¼tal Legend, asked the "Dear Dark Lord Satan" to bless the rock star nominees with "continued success in the music industry."
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Anonymous said...

You can watch it here


Anonymous said...

I was watching the MTV Awards that day and when he came out he said "come on let's pray to the devil". I was like What! Why he saying that? Then I had to do something and walked away from the TV. I always wondered why he made that comment I didn't know he actually did it! I just remembered it so vividly. It was strange at the time but now that I have sight,I know why may god have mercy on his soul.

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