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I Don't Need to be More Equal

Adrienne isn't sure that equality is what feminism has in mind:

It didn't take long this morning to find something that rattled my cage. My Google Reader is nearing 1000 again and I'm hard at work sorting through the deluge to find the most important (IMHO) items for my readers.

American Spectator published a fine article, Women to the Rescue, concerning Michelle Obama's attempt to make health care a "woman's issue." I listened to the speech Michelle gave on September 18. This quote of hers sums up the objective of the speech:
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Adrienne said...

Thanks, Matthew. I wrote and published that without my "editor" (read hubby), scanning for missing commas. After he read it he told me he was surprised I wrote it. Hmmmmmmmmmm, Did he just insult me??

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