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How to Lose Friends and Coddle Enemies

This is bad. In another article I read on this, I saw that a Czech politician said, "If the administration approaches us in the future with any request, I would be strongly against it." Here's K-Lo on the abandonment of Poland and the Czech Republic.

This gives one chills: Our president is evidently poised to kill missile defense.

The Obama administration appears likely to adopt a compromise European missile defense plan that shelves many of the components that have been a major irritant in relations with Russia, with an announcement expected Thursday.
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Anonymous said...

Given his proclivity to blame America for the problems of the world, that he would now walk in the steps of Chamberlain is no surprise. In this instance, the former law professor and state legislator would have been wise to take his cue from Churchill. Even then it is not likely he would have acted differently. For that would require things which he lacks: historical perspective, personal integrity, a patriotic commitment to our nation and backbone. No, he now will wave the equivalent of his own little piece of paper and proclaim how his administration has made progress toward peace in Europe. As with Chamberlain, the names change, but not the sorry consequences that follow such weak compliant appeasement.

AndyZ said...

You have to remember though that the reason for the missle defense shield was not being built to defend against Russia. It was to protect our allies and interests in Europe from the threat of long range ICBMs from IRAN. The review of the missle shield found that IRAN in fact was not seeking to create long range missles, but rather short range. We already have defense capabilites in place (and have for years to protect Israel) thus making the need for a shield moot.

So, while this looks like appeasement on the surface, it is actually a byproduct and result of of this administration actually thinking this through for once.

Hazel said...

Make no mistake about it, this is appeasement plain and simple. All explanations offered to the contrary are without merit. This decision was not driven by the merits of strategic policy. The superficial explanation of the administration coupled with the reaction of the Czech and Polish governments evidences that this decision was a political calculation.

AndyZ said...

Hazel.. The reaction of the Czech and Polish governments is not a gauge for the merits or reasoning of this policy. In what universe do you think appeasing Russia is a good foreign relations or even political move for this administration? Obama is making a lot of mistakes with health care, taxes, etc. But in the area of foreign relations, and especially establishing stronger relationships with ALL nations of the world, he's done well.

You need to remember that Christ is love, and nowhere to be found in this paranoid isolationism you seem to be wrapped in. Put down the Glen Beck Kool Aid and take a deep breath.

Hazel said...
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Hazel said...

I stand by what I have written. This change in policy constitutes abandonment and appeasement. This compliant adoption of a policy of appeasement is a political calculation by which the administration shifts attention of itself and the public away from a intractable international power dynamic and back to the more malleable legislative environment of a congress controlled by his party. Apparently the election cycle of 2010 is now dictating administration foreign policy.

The mistakes of this administration in staffing cabinet post and setting policy for healthcare, taxes, etc. are legion. As with his bowing down and "kissing the ring", fawning compliance and accommodation by this administration as it throws two small weak nations under the wheels of the train only communicates weakness to a world that respects only power. This does not offer any hope to other second tier nations much less developing nations that need a strong security partner and a dependable ally.

If one wishes to discuss other issues of interest, ie., Beck, Koolaid, or maybe Acorn, nationalization of healthcare in America, etc., then those matters can be pursued elsewhere. But in this discussion, raising such red herrings is only a tactic used to support a position as weak as that of the current administrations foreign policy. In that policy there has most certainly not been remotely demonstrated any love of Christ but a calculated devotion to political power and, as demonstrated in Chicago and the Illinois legislature and the U.S. Senate, a willingness to do anything required to obtain and retain it.

Mike in CT said...

It now becomes crystal clear why a mid-level Pentagon official was sent to Poland to stand with heads of state on the 70th anniversary of the start of WWII. Sheesh

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