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Fr. Jenkins of ND to March for Life

Notre Dame's Fr. Jenkins will join the March for Life. You should all be impressed that I'm delivering this bit of news snark free.

In apparent attempt to regain favor with pr-life Catholics upset that Notre Dame invited pro-abortion President Barack Obama to give its commencement address and gave him an honorary degree, university president John Jenkins says he will attend the 2010 March for Life.

Jenkins is also setting up a task force to promote the pro-life perspective on campus.
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Michael Hirsh said...

I only read it for the snarks. I want my money back.

Gutterball Master said...

Can I count on all of you reading this to come and see the ND students and maybe Fr. J. at the March to ask what he was thinking? (A doctorate of law?!)

TomE said...

Well done, Matthew. Right up there with, "I refuse to even dignify that with a response." ;-)

Always Catholic said...

Well, gentlemen, after reading the article, I glad to see that America's "pre-eminent Catholic" university has a priest running it that needs to summon a task force to give him (the priest!)
"recommendations on the ways Notre Dame can "can support the sanctity of life." R you kidding me?

Hey Faddah, maybe you can ask your Theology guy McBrien to join you at Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, ya think?

Hope to meet Fr Jenkins along the route of the March on Jan 22, 2010. Isn't he afraid his buddy, Barack will see him from the White House with that big ND banner and give back that immo Law Doctorate?

Go Irish, (the real Pro-Life kids who gave up there graduation ceremony for the babies) come and show your guy how it's done.Y'all are alum now, dangle that carrot directly in front of Jenks...

(It's amazing what a loss of a few million of alumni donations will get a guy to do!!) I wonder how much those millions would be in silver?

Aw darn, yet another trip to the Confessional for these sins against charity... maybe this dumb, stupid Catholic needs the Holy Hour more than than these characters.

Guess I better hold off a bit on my Confession 'til after the Holy Hour so I really can figure out how to stop this lack of charity once and for all. Im just sayin...

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