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Catholic School Gone Wild

This is honestly the most disturbing thing I've seen in a while. Big thanks to Amy Proctor for catching this Catholic school gone wild:

The cult of enviornmentalism is being preached at St. Mary’s Resurrection Elementary School in New Jersey. In this Fox Report below, you’ll see Catholic school children start their day by pledging “allegiance to the earth and all Her sacred hearts”, an allusion to the Sacred Heart of Mary and Jesus. You’ll also hear them sing their song, “Whose the greatest mom of all? Earth Mama!”
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Anonymous said...

Which diocese is that school in? Who is the ordinary?

Anonymous said...

Archdiocese of Newark with His Eminence John Myers!!


You think what you read was bad, look at the website, its pagan and that's being kind. (Must I?)

There's only one diocese that makes this look ultratradional and that is Diocese of Trenton NJ where the ordinary John Mortimer Smith. He would have ordained women yesterday if he thought he could get away with it.

This place in Jersey City is minor league compared to the heresy taught in the Diocese of Trenton. One Catholic School (will remain nameless not to scandalize the students who have tried to fight back) has on its property a Diocesan funded building staffed by card carrying Womans Ordination Conference, Water Spirit, pagan "sisters". Their heretical nonsense has stayed separate from this school from its inception until this year when they have taken over Confirmation preparation and the official "Retreat" for the Confirmands.

I have homeschooled my daughter through the sixth Grade but because of a debilitationg illness was forbidden by my Doctor to continue. I was forced to send her to the Catholic School because the local public schools are so dangerous that she was assaulted just playing on the playground after school.

I have refused to allow her to be in any Confirmation preparation and her father drives her to Mass and Catechism an hour and half south to a Tradition Latin Mass Parish in another diocese. I had the fight of my life on my hands with the heterdox pastor and his brood but a miracle happened. The priest asked for a leave of absence to work in politics. Thank God we were sent a priest who had found the beauty of Benedict and his reform. This is a miracle!! As Father Z says, "brick by brick"!! We keep prayin' and we keep fightin' here in kumbayah land!! Thank God for Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin NJ!!

Sarah said...

Wow- I didn't think that it could be so bad and still be called "catholic." So sad.

Anonymous said...

:O oh my gosh!!! their replacing mary with "earth mama" who is this earth mama any way!?!?!?!

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