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Beck Under Fire From the Right

I must say I completely agree with R.S. McCain on this one. Are conservatives seriously going to go to the mattresses in their attack on Glenn Beck for his badmouthing John McCain? Really? Seriously? I don't listen to Glenn Beck (mainly because my son fed Chuck E. Cheese tokens into the CD player while I was buckling the baby. And I don't watch him on television because we're usually doing homework with the girls around then. But Beck's on our side here guys. He's home team. R.S. McCain writes.:

Lots of strong reaction to yesterday's dust-up. Yes, I know Dan Riehl is quoting Wehner, and yes, I know Mark Levin slammed Beck. That's OK with me.

Unlike a certain deranged blogger who sees enemies everywhere, I am not interested in running a personality cult where everyone who disagrees with me is a "fascist." The fact that Think Progress wants to see a Levin vs. Beck smackdown should be all the proof any conservative needs that such a fight is a bad idea.
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Craig said...

Wow! Katie Couric takes down yet another right-wing nutjob with her hard-hitting interviewing style.

Craig said...

Actually, I think he means a McCain presidency would have been worse for him, not the country. He never could have poured gasoline on people and started his 912er movement if McCain had won.

William said...

Expect all slow news weeks to be "Glenn Beck said something!" weeks from now on, hilariously lame, but whatever.

People forget that A. he was mostly a comedian before getting big, B. he's constantly revising his views and C. he in no way represents the "think about what you say" side of American politics. What with the passion and trying to be entertaining and, yes, the slight kookiness.

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