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Another Elementary School Sings of Obama

You know, it would be one thing if all these teachers were forcing kids to sing good songs about Obama but these songs are hardly songs. They just have the kids chanting or something. If you're going to indoctrinate children at least please do it with some style. Just so we don't feel insulted please. Atlas Shrugs has the video of even more elementary school children singing/chanting phrases like "Change is here" and other ridiculous things:

When was the last time a child came home singing a song about the Bill of Rights, the order of the Presidents, the Declaration of Independence? Spin a globe, ask them to find Malaysia, Iran, Indonesia, Australia, Israel (too tiny to find on a globe). Kids haven't a clue. But this garbage is taught.

Another clip surfaces that pays fuhrer type tribute to the mirror man. This from at Sand Hill Elementary School in Asheville, NC.
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Craig said...

I guess the parents in the video have already been "indoctrinated" since they don't seem to be upset.

Sorry, kids singing little ditties about Obama does not equal "indoctrination".

Kids sing about the St. Patrick's Day, the Easter bunny, Thanksgiving, and Santa and yet I don't see any kids wearing armbands with swastikas and bunnies on them.

Why is that?

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