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Acorn = Catholic Church

This is the most out of left field hit on the Church I've seen in a while. Tim Graham has a transcript of the lunacy:

The ACORN exposes have been distributed widely enough in liberal media circles to be spread as fodder on Thursday's edition of The View. The liberal women were very upset that the poor people would suffer now that ACORN is losing its federal funding right and left, implying that the end of subsidies means the end of ACORN. This spurred Joy Behar to pull out the largest bogeyman in her purse, comparing ACORN to the Catholic Church. Here's how it unfolded:
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Dr_George said...

They haven't dismantled The View yet, and all but one of them are boneheads.

Amy said...

Joy Behar sounds like a classmate of mine who, no matter the topic, manages to work a bash of Catholicism in there...

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