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Who is Really Wee-Weed Up?

How many Catholics really don't understand what's at stake here? Wait. Don't tell me. I'd probably just get very sad and it would ruin my whole day.

President Obama has resorted to an incredibly infantile phrase—”wee-weed up”—to degrade his "health care reform" detractors. While the White House has now explained this remark as the president describing opponents of his health care debacle as agitated bed wetters, the truth is sobering—not silly. In fact, Obama’s opponents are perhaps a bit more honest than he would like; thus, the insults.
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps, this is just a moment of uncharacteristic candor on Obama's part.

He may well have nothing but contempt for the incontenent. People who can't control themselves have no business expressing an opinion or even drawing their next breath in his book.

Rick said...

Basic psychological analysis reveal that the speaker is revealing his emotional state. It is over for Obama. The question is, after he falls who will take his place. I really hate to see Joe or Hilary in charge. Based on that, I rather he stay and get some Depends.

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