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Utopia or Freedom? Your Choice.

Thomas Sowell is a genius. Check out his latest at NRO:

‘Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.” We have heard that many times. What is also the price of freedom is the toleration of imperfections. If everything that is wrong with the world becomes a reason to turn more power over to some political savior, then freedom is going to erode away, while we are mindlessly repeating the catchwords of the hour, whether “change,” “universal health care,” or “social justice.”

If we can be so easily stampeded by rhetoric that neither the public nor Congress bothers to read (much less analyze) bills that make massive changes in medical care, then do not be surprised when life-and-death decisions about you or your family are taken out of your hands — and out of the hands of your doctor — and transferred to bureaucrats in Washington.
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Anonymous said...

Some industries do warrant price controls. These are typically natural monopolies. In some sense, the medical industry, or at least basic care, is a monopoly. A monopolist gets to set the price he wants, knowing there is nobody out there able to "undercut" his price. Some of this may be going on with the insurance industries. Most utilities are in this case--we have price controls over power production. I don't think its really fair to say price controls would not work for basic healthcare.

Yes, we would be fools to bet the house on human institutions, but when humans can figure out a better way to get things done change is okay. Its about a valiant effort to bring God's kingdom to this world.

I think we should ask ourselves, what would Jesus want us to do. The answer for me is ensuring the little guy can improve his life condition. This doesn't have to be giving up control of our own healthcare decisions, but I don't think it means continuing to putting up blockades for the have nots.

LiberT said...

Price controls simply distort economic reality. The "healthacre industry" is an "industry" because of government interventionism and the distortions caused by the massive influx of tax (stolen) money in Medicare and Medicaid. This has led to a "bubble", abuses, waste, the "bottom line" coming ahead of patient care. "Care" itself is rapidly declining and has been on the backs of the lowest paid of the caregivers for years.

You can't legislate (force at gunpoint) morality. Christ told us that if we live by the sword, we'll die by the sword and that the poor would always be with us. Expecting government to "create a level playing field" and to trim off all the dangerous sharp edges in life (create utopia) reveals a weak faith or a pagan faith in the state replacing God. It has only led to servitude in the past. It will lead to the abolition of man himself in the future with the advance of technology. Will you be a Morlock or an Eloi?

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