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Update on Excommunicated Priest

Opinionated Catholic brought my attention to this story which is an update on the was he or wasn't he excommunicated story we ran on Fr. Bourgeois recently:

Journalists can be sometimes sloppy about how they use terms like “evangelical” or “born-again.” But they also face a real problem — how to convey the basics of a situation accurately in very limited space. And when covering a doctrinal dispute, or a controversial denominational figure, it’s very tricky to give your readers all the information they need without getting into dangerous territory.

So how do you talk about Maryknoll Father Roy Bourgeois, longtime critic of U.S. activities in Latin America, and activist for ordaining Roman Catholic women? That’s part of the conundrum that probably confronted Boston Globe religion writer Michael Paulson when writing about Bourgeois, who has participated in a women’s ordination ritual, and his speech last week at a United Church of Christ church in Weston, MA. Here’s a link to Mollie’s post from last November, around the time that the Vatican (according to a lawyer for Bourgeois) threatened him with excommunication if he didn’t recant his public support and belief in women’s ordination in the Roman Catholic Church.
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