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Tell David L. Not to Answer His Door

Bloogers beware. You might be reported. I'm telling you now that if David L. goes missing I'm turning my brother Patrick in and moving to Venezuela where I can be free of all this meddling government:

I attended Catholic grade school throughout the 1960s. I saw a lot of changes just during those eight years. But during the early ones, we were consistently taught about the evils of Communism, and of how our Faith and the Marxist philosophy were incompatible. We listened as the good nuns told us of priests tortured and killed in socialist regimes. But they also told us of how children would be taught in schools, to report their parents to the authorities if they found them engaging in questionable activities. Snitching on your mom and dad, the two people who gave you birth, who nursed you and fed you and cleaned up your messes and all that. Can you imagine?
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