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Taxation with Misrepresentation

Daily Danet breaks down the misleading rhetoric of President Obama's townhall:

After two weeks of raucous town hall events, the One descended from on high to deign and touch the common man with his unending wisdom on healthcare. He admonished the unclean masses for their “wild misrepresentations” and proceeded to promise no lines, coverage for every condition, lower costs, free parking, and a unicorn in every garage. But lying, you see, is a sin. And although he has sinned before, repeatedly, he doth rise above us and he may cast stones down upon us.

First, he dismissed even the rowdy protests themselves as being misleading and disproportionate with the real sentiment of his people. The evil insurance companies, you see, are handpicking the crowds. Highly trained, paid actors who only look like your friends, neighbors and family membors. He then went on to impart his wisdom to the completely random, unscreened, not-Democratic operative audience (who only look like people you’ve never seen before in this quiet New Hampshire town) thusly...
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