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Say What? Arlo Guthrie Is A Republican?

That's right folks. From the New York Times Interview

Where are you politically these days?
I became a registered Republican about five or six years ago because to have a successful democracy you have to have at least two parties, and one of them was failing miserably. We had enough good Democrats. We needed a few more good Republicans. We needed a loyal opposition.
Well I'll be...

ht to Wheat and Weeds

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Anonymous said...

That comment doesn't mean that he supports Republican priniples, it just means that there are "enough good people in the Democratic" party. "Good" apparently means Moon Bats in Guthriespeak.

Folkslinger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Folkslinger said...

Not sure what Moon Bats are, although Anon is correct. There's nothing in the above statement that suggests what political principles I do support. For anyone interested I invite you to participate in a discussion at my website (www.arlo.net) where we more clearly spell them out and invite critique. The NEWS "2 Cups Of Coffee or My 2 Cents" located on the main page is a good place to start. All the best, Arlo Guthrie

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