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Planned Parenthood is like the Philip Morris of abortion. What a great quote. Romish Graffiti has more:

Jeff Miller’s entry here remarks that giving money to Planned Parenthood to reduce abortions is like giving money to the KKK to reduce racism. Also, when someone burped up the usual PP-does-more-than-just-abortion canard, commentor joanne doesn’t miss a beat:

Planned Parenthood “educates” the public, including young people, in the contraceptive lifestyle, provides/sells the contraceptives, receives funding to do so, AND solves the problems of contraceptive “failure” and pregnancy from their comprehensive sex ed by offering/selling abortions. As my daughter said when she was 14, “Planned Parenthood is like the Philip Morris of abortion.”
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David said...

That IS a good quote but in order for it to say what is meant it should say, "Planned parenthood IS the Philip Morris of abortion, not "is like".

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