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Notre Dame: A Willing Accomplice?

This is depressing reading in that it shows the history of how Notre Dame started down the road away from the Church. I still hope and pray Notre Dame is guided back to fidelity. The sight of all those students praying at the Grotto during President Obama's speech there assures me that there is still much good at Notre Dame. But some in the administration are still leading the school in the wrong direction:

In the July-August 2009 issue of New Oxford Review, Michael V. McIntire, a 1957 graduate of Notre Dame and former Associate Professor of Law at Notre Dame Law School, writes:
In the early 1960s, promotion of the eugenics agenda of John D. Rockefeller III and Planned Parenthood was being frustrated by the Church's stubborn moral opposition to contraception. Rockefeller and Planned Parenthood considered public acceptance of contraception to be the key to public acceptance of eugenics by abortion, euthanasia, and genetic manipulation, and they actively sought a prominent Catholic voice to assist them in successfully opposing the strength of the Church's teaching on that issue. Notre Dame became their willing accomplice in this quest.
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maureen said...

Read Bishop D'Arcy's article in America which you can link through Project Sycamore. Project Sycamore is a group that is trying to recover the catholic identity of Notre Dame.

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