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MSNBC is Like The Vatican?

Liberal lunacy and Maddow's opinion on the Pope in one post. Can't beat that:

Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer found wacky leftist radio host Stephanie Miller taking her worship of MSNBC to ridiculous levels, even for a comedian who's (half?) joking:

I was on Ed Schultz yesterday, as a liberal, going to MSNBC – like visiting the Vatican...Hung out with Rachel Maddow for a while. I would have licked Keith Olbermann’s chair again, but he doesn’t let me into his studio...[Whispers about Maddow] She is awesome!
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Marie said...

You should just ignore MSNBC. Those people aren't worth your attention.

You are a child of God; nothing can take your faith away from you.

Watching MSNBC is like watching pornography, then telling people how you hated it. You just pull yourself down to their level. MSNBC people are stupid people and watching them make you just as stupid.

So enough already. Stop watching them.

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