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The LCWR Strategy

All of a sudden liberals aren't for dialogue. The Vatican's "investigation" and the reaction of some women religious communities is inspiring some lunacy over at Acts of the Apostasy:

Shortly after the Vatican announced they would be conducting an apostolic visitation of US women religious communities, IHM Sister Sandra Schneiders issued an email (published by the National Catholic Distorter) describing the strategy the communities ought to employ in the face of the investigation:
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Mike in CT said...

I know one group of sisters that is looking forward to the visitation. Nothing to hide, here!


Anonymous said...

As I wrote on the AOTA site

"You people just don't get it. The LCWR is way ahead of the church and magisterium. Didn't you notice, they use recycled paper and are reducing their carbon footprint!!!! How dare some old white men in dresses tell them how to to live. I hope they have the CouRAGE to resist, reduce, reuse, recycle!!"

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