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Is It a Sin to Listen to Rush?

This is just too ridiculous. The tolerant left that couldn't find a sin in a whorehouse finds it on your AM dial. Diogenes has the story.

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo-- who for obscure reasons is employed by the Washington Post as a regular Catholic contributor to an "On Faith" blog-- asks the question:

Is It a Sin to Listen to Rush?

He concludes, generously, that it is not necessarily sinful to listen to Limbaugh; it's only sinful to agree with him.
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John Hetman said...

But it is a serious hate crime to disagree with Anthony Stevens-Arroyo, or the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Whoopie Goldberg, Al Gore, Barack Hussein Obama, ad infinitum, among our betters in that great neo-Judeo-Christian tradition that started with John Lennon. However, no politically correct directives are yet written about accidentally stumbling and poking them in the eye or stepping on their feet.

William said...

Still, I think we would do well to keep in mind that outside of Abortion, there aren't any Liberal views that are sinful. Some make it much easier to sin, but nothing reinforces and collapses society like the evil of abortion.

So while they may view us as "sinful" for wanting things like responsibility and common sense, at least we should only view them as misguided and ill-informed.

Any thoughts on this welcome; I'd be interested to hear more opinions.

Rob in Maine said...

I'm asked why I listen to Limbaugh (I have a 10 min commute) on my drive home.

I answer, "Because Al Frankin and Air America tanked!"

Dirtdartwife said...

William... I think you're a tad on the short sighted side when you say that aside from abortion, the liberals don't have any views that are sinful. Have you thought of homosexuality, embryonic stem cell research, the desire to clone, euthanasia... and those are just a few of the bigger ones. I could name a few "smaller" ones as well.

Rush at least is willing to speak what others are not, and he does it with brutal honesty which is needed right now. People need to wake up and see what this country is turning into and I, for one, am glad Rush is willing to speak up. We need more like him and we need to do more than just think these people are merely misguided. I wish that's all I could think of them, then maybe I'd have a little pity for them but right now, I have tons of anger and disgust for how they're trying to ruin this country.

I can instruct ignorant, but I can't instruct stupid.

Anonymous said...


I thought that I had listened to 2112 for the last time!

William said...

Hmm, a good point, Dirtdartwife.

But would you agree that abortion is the most serious of the issues we as a society face? For all our ills, I think it does by far the most damage to how we as a society work.

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