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God Didn't Heal Julie's Heart, He Opened It

Beautiful and sad story from Catholic Key:

The Kansas City Star ran a really beautiful story on the front page today about a local 12-year old Catholic school girl, excerpts:

. . . family game night. They were playing “Life” when Julie, nauseated, went to her room to lie down. Her family heard a thump, then Julie tumbled down the stairs. They rushed her to the hospital.
Doctors listened to her heart, checked lab results, asked questions. They told her parents the news: Their daughter’s heart and lungs were shutting down. They couldn’t be fixed. She had maybe two weeks.

Doctors discover they can slow the disease a bit but can't cure it. Julie's school mates at St. Agnes in Roeland Park, KS raise $12,000 to send the whole family to Lourdes.
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