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Fr. Longenecker and the Father of Lies

Semantics are the spirit of the age. We do evil in the name of good and just put new names on it. Fr. Dwight Longenecker nails it:

You can always tell when the devil's at work because he uses idealistic lies. He uses catch phrases and slogans, and you know they're lies by looking at the results. One of the most famous modern lies is 'feminism' which encourages women to be more masculine. Another word is 'gay'. Take a look at the homosexualist sub-culture and it's anything but happy and carefree and innocent.

One of the more subtle lies is the word 'inclusive'. The Episcopal and Lutheran churches have, this summer, voted to allow practising homosexuals into the clergy and to endorse same sex 'weddings'. This was done in the name of 'inclusivity'.
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